Une grenade avec ça?

Une grenade avec ça? (English: A grenade with that?) is a Québécois sitcom for teenagers produced by Zone 3 and aired on VRAK.TV. The name of the series comes from the popular grenade-shaped candies offered by the restaurant in the show. It is now the most watched show on VRAK.TV.[1] The series debuted in 2002 and ended in 2011, after its tenth season. It is about the everyday trials and tribulations at Captain Creighton, a fictional Montreal fast-food restaurant.

Une grenade avec ça?
UGAC cast.jpg
Cast of Une grenade avec ça?. From left to right: Tché, Danny, Anais, Sonia, Darius, Ève and Pat. (2007)
Created byMartin Doyon
Charles Gaudreau
Jean Pelletier
StarringCatherine Proulx-Lemay
Michel Laperrière
Rose-Maïté Erkoreka
Marilyse Bourke
Éric Paulhus
Yan England
Caroline Gendron
Pierre Luc Houde
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons10
No. of episodes272
Production location(s)Montreal, Quebec
Running time25 minutes
Original networkVRAK.TV
Original releaseSeptember 10, 2002 –
December 20, 2011

Following recent charges of possession of child pornography and drug possession, episodes featuring actor Jean-François Harrisson have been pulled off the air as of March 6, 2009.[2][3][4] He did not return to the cast for the following season and the role of Pat was written off replaced by Slamm portrayed by Pierre Luc Houde.



Anaïs Boutin: a really mean girl, whose dream is to be the next manager of the restaurant and she is able to do anything to accomplish her dreams. In fact, she wants to be a leader and have power over the others. She has worked with Mr. Pitre for about ten years and was one of his first employee and certainly his best employee. She learned by heart Creighton's booklet of rules and she has written her own version of it. A few years ago, she betraded Captain Craighton and Danny when she worked for Denny Pomerlo, the manager of a restaurant named Bar B.Q. Joe but later she exploded it because she forgot to stop the gas. Later, Mr. Pomerlo made a new restaurant. but she was fired and returned with Danny. She is not appreciated by her colleagues, especially by Eve and Patrick. Anais and Pat hate each other since they were ten years old. They met for the first time in the same fast-food where they are working now. She became Tché's girlfriend for a short period of time, but he broke up because she loved him only for his money and because she was treating him like a real slave.

Danny Pitre: Manager of the Montreal Captain Creighton. He is addicted to root-beer. He went for the first time in this fast-food with his father when he was about 10. His father told him that one day, his son would become the new manager. The emotion was so intense for him that he vomited in his red cap. He works in Montreal's Captain Creighton since he was 17. He left school to work in the restaurant. He used to have a girlfriend named Nancy Désilets. He was working with her and his best friend, Denny Pomerlo. Danny was supposed to become the manager of the new branch of Captain Creighton in the suburbs of Montreal. He could not be happier: he was about to accomplish his dream and he fell in love with a girl who loved him. But his dream didn't come true. His boss gave the job to Denny that became Nancy's new boyfriend because she was interested by the power.

Ève Kaputchinsky: A vegetarian and a supporter of various pro-animal causes. She is a member of Equi-Eco (a group similar to PETA).

Sonia Compagna: A recording artist who's still far from the ranks of being a popstar. She is an avid fan of Celine Dion. Her ex-boyfriend JiCi not only left her, but stated in her contract for her first album that all money from the album goes to him.

Jonathan Gouin, a.k.a. "Tché": An heir to the Pain Gouin bakery empire. His company is so rich because their bread are considered to be the mellowest on Earth. He went out with Anais, but later broke up with her. He also briefly went out with Sonia. He and Pat are best friends.

Darius Léveillé: An eccentric, with a lot of tattoos and crazy hair. He once had a rat named Löthar but it died. Darius is known for eating weird combinations of foods, like fruits and spaghetti—and even burgers and yogurt, which he once actually put on the Captain Creighton menu. He has weird interests in life. He loves to do X-treme yoga, spiritual tai chi, and aquafitness.

Sarah and Sandra McCormick: Little is known about them because they almost never go to work. Although often mentioned by other characters and considered part of the Captain Creighton staff, they were never shown on-screen. Their excuses for not attending work are a running gag on the show.

Marine Bellehumeur: A fairly new employee who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She is always well dressed but always worries about how she looks and how much money she has.

Simon-Louis Auger-Moreau-Morissette "Slamm" : A very athletic and very handsome new employee who gets lots of girls looking his way but he is too attached to sports to give any attention to girls. He and Marine came in the same season.

Nancy Désilets: Danny's past lover now married with his worst enemy, Denis Pomerleau.

Past CharactersEdit

Patrick "Pat" Béliveau: Ève's ex-boyfriend—and avid girlwatcher. He and Anais are childhood enemies.

Norbert Gratton: He was Pat's best friend, he is smart and aims to be a famous mathematician. He and Ève were going out until he left for California. They broke up when Norbert came back for one episode.

Jean-Régis "Golden" Cossette: A former member of the Captain Creighton staff. He is very slow to understand and often awkward. He is Marie-Anette's brother.

Marie-Anette Cossette: Jean-Régis's sister who was also part of the Captain Creighton staff during a few episodes.

About Captain CreightonEdit

Captain Creighton is a fictional American worldwide chain of fast-food restaurants founded in 1965 by a US Army captain, Ben Creighton. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the chain has 1548 locations in 38 countries, including Canadian branches in Montreal and Calgary.

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