Under the Knife (EP)

Under the Knife is a compilation EP by the American metalcore band Hatebreed released in 1996 by Smorgasbord Records. It consists of the band's first 7 inch release, also titled Under The Knife, as well as three additional demo tracks. It was re-released several times, in 1998 by Smorgasbord Records, in 2000 by both Smorgasbord Records and Victory Records and in 2006 by Cortex Records.

Under the Knife
EP by
ReleasedNovember 13, 1996
GenreHardcore punk
Hatebreed chronology
Split 7" w/ Integrity
Under the Knife
Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire

The 7" vinyl only has the four first tracks, but the CD has all 7 tracks.

Track listingEdit

  1. Smash Your Enemies 2:12
  2. Kill an Addict 1:02
  3. Under the Knife 1:33
  4. Filth 1:42
  5. Not One Truth 2:09
  6. Severed 2:40
  7. Puritan 3:07

Pressing informationEdit

500 copies with black vinyl with a limited edition photocopied cover, 6,000 Black vinyl, 200 Green vinyl, 200 Gold vinyl, 500 White vinyl, 300 Red vinyl, 300 Blue vinyl, and 500 Orange Vinyl.


Every track, except for "Under the Knife", has been re-recorded and included on another Hatebreed album, providing better versions of songs which suffered from sub-par production quality.

"Not One Truth" and "Puritan" were included on Hatebreed's 1997 full-length Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire.

"Smash Your Enemies" was re-recorded for the 2002 release Perseverance.

In 2005, "Severed" was re-recorded and added as a bonus track for the UK release of Supremacy.

"Kill an Addict" and "Filth" were iTunes exclusive tracks for the special edition of Hatebreed's self-titled album in 2009. This special edition is no longer available on iTunes.