Umma Party (Egypt)

The Umma Party (Arabic: حزب الأمة, Hizb Al-Umma) is a small Egyptian political party.

Umma Party

Hizb Al-Umma
حزب الأمة
ChairmanAhmed Al-Sabahi Khalil
Founded25 June 1983
IdeologyIslamic socialism
House of Representatives
0 / 568

History and profileEdit

The party was established in 1983.[1][2] It was the first party accepted by the Political Party Affairs Committee since the 1950s.[2]

Party principlesEdit

The party:[1]

  • Considers Egypt a part of the Arab and Islamic world
  • Calls for establishing a socialist and democratic system in Egypt
  • Calls of the adoption of Islamic law as the main source of legislation
  • Supports all efforts to establish peace with Israel
  • The party calls for building the society on principles of labor and production


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