Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen

Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen (born 1941 in Wolfsberg, Austria) is an Austrian forester and politician, who was formerly in the Green Party of Austria, but is now non-partisan. He is a member of the Habsburg Family who wanted to participate in the election for the Austrian Federal President in the 2010 election. However, being member of a formerly ruling family, he was not eligible to do so. That law has been cancelled since, so he can now participate. He thought about another try for the following presidential election, which was held in April 2016, but finally decided to endorse the non-partisan judge Irmgard Griss instead.

Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen (2010)

He is the nephew of former Austrian Crown Prince Otto von Habsburg. All parties in the Austrian National Council voted for allowing members of ruling or formerly ruling families to participate on national elections.

Another of Ulrich's proposals is to re-introduce nobility titles in Austria. The Green Party, of which he was member, does not support his proposal. The right-wing FPÖ supports it though.