Ullensaker Church

Ullensaker Church is a church in Ullensaker, Norway, located 10 km (6.21 mi) southeast of Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. It is the fourth church that has been located almost there since the 12th century. The present church was built in concrete in 1958 and has been given the nickname "Romeriksdomen" ("The Romerike Cathedral") locally because of its monumental character.[2]

Ullensaker Church
Ullensaker kirke
Ullensaker kirke 20080203-2.jpg
Ullensaker Church is located in Viken (county)
Ullensaker Church
Ullensaker Church
Location of the church
Ullensaker Church is located in Norway
Ullensaker Church
Ullensaker Church
Ullensaker Church (Norway)
60°05′01″N 11°09′53″E / 60.0837°N 11.1647°E / 60.0837; 11.1647Coordinates: 60°05′01″N 11°09′53″E / 60.0837°N 11.1647°E / 60.0837; 11.1647
LocationKløfta, Ullensaker
DenominationDen norske kirkes våpen.svg Church of Norway
ChurchmanshipEvangelical Lutheran
Former name(s)St John the Baptist's Church
St Olav's Church
StatusParish church
Functional statusActive
Architect(s)Arnstein Arneberg
Per Solemslie
DeaneryØvre Romerike
DioceseDiocese of Borg[1]


The first church, from c. 1190, was a stone church that was located about 200 meters further northeast. It was established at the prestigious Ullinshof, a pre-Christian cult center. Most of this church was taken by a clay landslide c. 1490, but four doors and some other fixtures in the doorway were preserved.[1][3][4]

In c. 1525 a simple stave church was built at the present church site. It seems that the name of the cemetery was changed to Ullensaker Cemetery on that occasion. The stave church was c. 1640 extended to a cruciform church.[1][4]

The former church from 1768 was hit by the lightning and set on fire in 1952
Image: The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage

In 1768 the stave church was demolished and replaced by another wooden church, a white-painted church of timber. This church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 1952, but much of the valuable fixtures of the former churches were rescued.[1][4]

The current church was consecrated on October 12, 1958.[3][4]


The visitors are welcomed by a statue of Archangel Michael over the entrance, created by Ragnhild Butenschøn. Most of the decorations in the church room are created by artist Alf Rolfsen. The altarpiece, the pulpit and the baptismal font are from the former church that burned in 1952. The altarpiece was created by the wood carver Johan Reinholt in Oslo in 1633. It has several fields that illustrate different evangelical sites, with the communion in the great central field. The pulpit is in Renaissance style and has five fields depicting The Evangelists and Jesus Christ. The baptismal font of soapstone was created in Gudbrandsdalen in the mid 12th century.[1][3]

The church has two church bells in the bell tower that were made by Olsen Nauen Bell Foundry, in addition to a preserved medieval church bell that can be found in the porch.[3]

The Ullensaker church site is listed and protected by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage.[4]


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