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Princess Uliana Olshanska (Polish: Julianna Holszańska, Lithuanian: Julijona Alšėniškė or Julijona Vytautienė) was a noblewoman from the Olshanski family, the second wife of Vytautas, Grand Duke of Lithuania. They had no issue. Very little is known about Uliana's life.

Uliana Olshanska
Grand Duchess of Lithuania
Reign1418 – 27 October 1430
FatherIvan Olshansky

Her first husband was Ivan of Karachev. German chronicle of Johann von Posilge[1] and Polish historian Jan Długosz asserted that Ivan was murdered so that widowed Uliana could marry Vytautas.[2] Most likely she was an Eastern Orthodox who converted to Catholicism in order to marry Vytautas.[1]

After the death of his first wife Anna on 31 July 1418, Vytautas wished to marry Uliana, daughter of one of his closest allies Ivan Olshansky. However, Anna was sister of Agripina, who was wife of Ivan and mother of Uliana.[3] That made Vytautas uncle-in-law of Uliana. Piotr Krakowczyk, Bishop of Vilnius, refused to perform the wedding ceremony due to this relationship and demanded they seek approval from the pope. Jan Kropidło, Bishop of Włocławek, performed the ceremony before Christmas 1418[1] and, eventually, Vytautas obtained a matrimonial dispensation from Pope Martin V.[4] It appears that the marriage was a loving one, but they had no children. Vytautas died in October 1430 and Uliana's further life is unknown.[1]


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Uliana Olshanska
 Died: After 1430
Royal titles
Preceded by
Grand Duchess of Lithuania
Succeeded by
Elisabeth of Austria