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Ukong is a mukim in the Tutong District of Brunei. It is located in the south-west bordering Mukim Tanjong Maya to the north-east, Mukim Lamunin to the east, Mukim Rambai to the south-east, Mukim Bukit Sawat (Belait District) to the south-west and Mukim Telisai to the north-west.

Areas and divisionsEdit

Mukim Ukong includes these following areas:

  • Kampong Ukong
  • Kampong Pengkalan Ran
  • Kampong Pengkalan Dong
  • Kampong Tong Kundai
  • Kampong Nong Anggeh
  • Kampong Sungai Damit Ulu
  • Kampong Piton nambang
  • Kampong Bang Pangan
  • Kampong Pak Meligai
  • Kampong Pak Bidang
  • Kampong Bukit
  • Kampong Pengkalan Panchor
  • Kampong Talat
  • Kampong Melaboi
  • Kampong Pengkalan Padang
  • Kampong Bang Ligi
  • Kampong Litad
  • Kampong Bang Bingol
  • Kampong Long Mayan

Coordinates: 4°48′47″N 114°41′45″E / 4.81306°N 114.69583°E / 4.81306; 114.69583