UEPA! Un escenario para amar

UEPA! Un Escenario Para Amar is a Mexican youth telenovela produced by Rafael Gutiérrez for TV Azteca in 2015.It is a version of the telenovela Como en el Cine produced in 2001.

UEPA! Un escenario para amar
Created byAlejandra Urdiaín
Based onComo en el cine
by Verónica Suárez
Written by
  • Natalia Núñez
  • Mildret Pérez
  • Pilar Obon
Directed byRafael Gutiérrez
Theme music composer
  • Armando Ávila
  • Marcela de la Garza
  • Rotger Rosas
Opening theme"Química en común" by CD9
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons1[1]
No. of episodes141
Executive producerRafael Gutiérrez
  • Elisa Salinas
  • Pedro Luévano
  • Pedro Lira
  • Sergio Treviño
  • Carlos Ruiz Torres
  • Alejandra Espinoza
  • Fernando Rodríguez
  • Lorenzo Guerra
Camera setupMulti-camera
Production companyTV Azteca
Original release
NetworkAzteca Trece
Release27 April (2015-04-27) –
5 June 2015 (2015-06-05)[2]

Starring Gloria Stálina and Erick Chapa, with the antagonistic participations of Ana Belena and Martha Mariana Castro. It also features the stellar performances of Betty Monroe, Regina Murguía, Cristóbal Orellana, Tatiana del Real, Thali García, Ariana Ron Pedrique , Camila Rojas and Valeria Galviz.And the special participation of the Youtubers Ixpanea and Cajafresca.

By decision of the company TV Azteca, the telenovela was divided into 2 seasons: The first season was broadcast from April 27 to June 5, 2015 and consisted of 30 episodes.

The second season was planned to air in the second quarter of 2016, but was ultimately cancelled. On Az Mundo, a pay TV channel from TV Azteca, the episodes of UEPA continued! without any type of impediment. It ended on September 18, 2015.



Lourdes Jordán is a young woman who, when her parents die, must take care of her little sister Estefy. In order to pay for the exclusive boarding school where her sister studies, Lourdes is forced to work as a dancer at the Pink bar. Forced to be a good example for Estefy, she decides to lie about her real job, posing as a prestigious psychologist. By chance, Lourdes meets Claudio, a handsome young man who falls in love with her at first sight. Claudio, manipulated by his mother Rafaela, is about to marry Alexandra, without really loving her. Believing that Lourdes is an important psychologist, Claudio intends not only to get closer to her in order to heal the trauma caused by the death of his twin brother, but also to get to know her and conquer her. The two fall madly in love, but she fears that he will abandon her when he finds out that she is not actually a psychologist but a dancer in a bar. There will be many times when Lourdes will try to confess her secret to Claudio, but the difficulties and confusion mean that she cannot do so and she becomes increasingly entangled in lies. Lourdes shares sorrows and hopes with her friends from the bar, Rox, Anya, Gaby and Pantera, girls who seek to improve themselves and get to know love. Adding to Lourdes' already complicated life, Aldo, a charismatic millionaire, arrives, who feels a total fascination for her, thus coming between the love of Claudio and Lourdes. Throughout this story, Lourdes and Claudio must overcome many obstacles to consummate their love, but they will fight against whatever comes between them to stay together in this Scenario to love, that life promises them.


  • Gloria Stalina as Lourdes "Lule" Jordán
  • Erick Chapa as Claudio / Franco
  • Betty Monroe as Zoila Lezama
  • Martha Mariana Castro as Martha Mariana Castro
  • Thali García as July Rivero
  • Ana Belena as Alexandra Williams
  • Regina Payes as Anya Padrón
  • Lourdes Narro as Rada
  • Carmen Baqué as Dolores
  • Nubia Martí as Luna
  • Humberto Bua as Jorge
  • Christian Vázquez as Moisés "Moy" Lezama
  • Ramiro Fumazoni as Padre de Claudio
  • Anette Michel as Madre de Lourdes
  • Martín Altomaro as Poncho
  • Jessica Roteache as Teresita
  • Cecilia Constantino as Hermana Fausta
  • Lourdes Narro as Rada
  • Patrick Fernández as Omar
  • Marcela Alcaraz as Carolina
  • Alexa Martin as Marisel de los Arcos
  • Marco Aurelio Nava as Greco
  • Andy Chavez de Moore as Angélica
  • Elsa Ortíz as Tamara
  • Gerardo Acuña as Sergio Williams
  • Ariana Ron as Bianca "La Pantera" Campestre
  • Gala Montes as Young Lourdes "Lule" Jordán
  • Tatiana del Real as Estefani Jordán
  • Guillermo Iván as Aldo
  • Patrick Fernández as Omar
  • Valeria Galaviz as Rox
  • Cristóbal Orellana as Saúl Torres
  • Camila Rojas as Gabriela "Gaby" Ruíz


Track Song
1 "Química en común" by CD9
2 "Marry You" by Bruno Mars



Apenas un mes transcurrido, Televisión Azteca decidió cancelar la transmisión de la telenovela y transformarla a serie por una estrategia de marketing. Anunció que la segunda temporada sería transmitida en abril del 2016. Sin embargo esto jamás se dio, debido a la salida de la actriz Betty Monroe a Televisa, donde se le dio la oportunidad de protagonizar la telenovela Sueño de Amor.

Sin embargo, Televisión Azteca decidió subir, en formato de telenovela, toda la producción a la famosa plataforma de streaming Netflix, donde están disponibles todos los capítulos sin interrupciones e incluso, con escenas inéditas que no se transmitieron en televisión. Alargando la historia de 105 a 140 capítulos. De hecho la telenovela ya no se encuentra en la plataforma de Netflix.




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