Como en el Cine is a Mexican telenovela produced by TV Azteca in 2001. Created by Veronica Suarez, it was directed, produced and executive produced by Don Antulio Jimenez Pons.[1] Lorena Rojas and Mauricio Ochmann are the main characters.

Como en el cine
Also known asUn Amor Sin Remedio
Created byVeronica Suarez
Developed byAntulio Jimenez Pons
Directed byAntulio Jimenez Pons
Nestor Galvan
StarringMauricio Ochmann, Lorena Rojas
Opening themeSeason 1 (Episode 1-140)
"Falsas esperanzas" by Christina Aguilera
Season 2 (Episode 140-end)
"Love Colada" by OV7
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes245
Executive producerAntulio Jimenez Pons
ProducersAntulio Jimenez Pons
Elisa Salinas
Juan David Burns
EditorsJorge Monzon Lee
Carlos Olivares Alvarez
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time60 minutes
Original release
NetworkAzteca Trece
ReleaseApril 30, 2001 (2001-04-30) –
April 5, 2002 (2002-04-05)

Plot edit

Isabel lives a double life. She pretends to be a successful psychologist when in reality she is a dancer in a bar by night, a fact that she hides with the help of her friends. When she meets Javier, an attractive young man of good family, he falls in love only with Isabel, the successful professional, oblivious to her secret life. "Chabelita", the dancer, must therefore fight for the love of her life. Her situation puts Javier and Isabel into the precarious position of defending their love against the rigid rules imposed by society. Javier lives with his mother Nieves, who holds him responsible for his twin brother's death. But what Javier doesn't know is that his twin, Joaquin, is very much alive but has no memory of his childhood as part of the Borja family. Joaquin also falls for Isabel despite the fact of learning that his brother is also in love with her.[2]

Cast edit

Actor Character Known as
Lorena Rojas Isabel 'Chabela' Montero Protagonist, dancer in Zu Zu's bar, Older sister of Rocio, Javier's love interest
Mauricio Ochmann Javier Borja / Joaquin 'Joaqo' Borja Protagonist, Isabel's love interest / Twin Brother of Javier, killed in a Hospital by Saúl
Olivia Collins Susana 'Zu Zu' Ramírez Bar owner, biological mother of Arturo
Ninel Conde Helena Hernández 'Topacio (La Matadora)' Villain, Dancer in Zu Zu's bar, ends in a brothel
Juan A. Baptista Carlos Cordero 'Charlie' Villain, cousin of Zu Zu, Trips while trying to hit La Matadora and dies
Úrsula Prats Nieves Borja Villain, Mother of Javier & Joaquin, killed by Saúl
Sergio Mayer Daniel Lebrija Villain, obsessed with Isabel, responsible for deaths of Lencha and Enrique, ends in a Mental Institution
Betty Monroe Angela 'Rubi' Dancer in Zu Zu's bar, friend of Isabel, daughter of Fidel, Billy's love interest
Ana La Salvia Zafiro Dancer in Zu Zu's bar, killed by La Matadora
Daniela Garmendia Esmeralda Dancer in Zu Zu's bar, Claudio's love interest
Alberto Mayagoitia Billy Billetes Rubi's love interest
Ángela Fuste Bárbara Escalante Villain but turns Good, Loved Javier, Marries Luis
Hugo Esquinca Luis 'El Nacotlan' Friend of Javier & Joaquin, Marries Barbara
Alberto Casanova Raúl Benavides Villain, responsible for death of Rocio, raped Barbara, later Regina, killed by Luis
José Ramón Escorza Claudio 'Chipilo' Friend of Javier, Esmeralda's love interest
José Luis Franco Saúl Ramos 'Ojitos' Villain, killed by Nieves
Arturo Beristáin Francisco De La Riva Husband of Gaby
Nubia Martí Gabriela "Gaby" de De la Riva Wife of Francisco
Eva Prado Martha de Escalante Wife of Julio, mother of Bárbara
Roberto Blandón Julio Escalante Villain. Husband of Martha, father of Bárbara, ends in jail
Alejandra Lazcano Sofia Borja Younger Half sister of Javier & Joaquin, Arturo's love interest
Pablo Azar Arturo De La Riva Adopted son of Gaby and Francisco, biological son of Zu Zu and Vicente, Sofia's love interest
Liz Gallardo Rocio Montero Villain. Younger sister of Isabel, has baby with Arturo, Killed by Raúl and Erika (Hit & Run)
Géraldine Bazán Regina Linares / Amatista Friend of Sofia, Gloria and Renata, Dancer in Zu Zu's bar
Mariana Torres Gloria Fernandez Friend of Sofia, Regina and Renata. Leonardo's love interest.
Dafne Padilla Renata Friend of Sofia, Regina and Gloria. Leobardo's love interest.
Alejandra Ley Dolores Castillo 'Lola' Enemy of Regina's group, Later becomes friends with them
Miguel A. Lomelin Mauricio Friend of Arturo
Carlos East Jr. Leonardo Twin brother of Leobardo. Gloria's love interest
Ernesto East Leobardo Twin brother of Leonardo. Renata's love interest
David Zepeda Paco Dancer in Zu Zu's bar, Perla's love interest
Simone Victoria Lulu Sister of Rosa, Zu Zu's Friend/Helper
Mario Sauret Dr. Marco Antonio Moreli Psychiatrist, Killed by Erika
Héctor Soberón Enrique Friend/Business partner of Javier, Killed by Daniel
Tomas Goros Julian Villain, father of Erika and Federico
Aline Hernández Erika Villain, killed her ex-husband. Ends in jail
Juan Vidal Federico Villain, Marries Nieves, Ends in Jail
Andrea Noli Perla Dancer in Zu Zu's bar, Paco's love interest
Surya MacGregor Telma
Alicia Bonet Mother Maria
Margot Wagner Sister Mercedes
Ramiro Orci Gabino Groundskeeper
Miguel Couturier Vicente Biological father of Arturo, killed by his assistant
Aarón Beas Martin Cousin of Rubi
Fidel Garriga Fidel Father of Rubi, Joaquin's cellmate/Friend
Regina Torné Romualda Villain, Aunt of Billy
América Gabriel Gabriela
Andrea Escalona Malena Friend of Lolita
Aracelia Chavira Sister Faustina
Beatriz Martínez Azucena Mother of Gloria
Bertha Kaim Valeria Friend of Bárbara
Guillermo Ayala 'El chucky' Villain, Javier's Kidnapper,Ends in Jail
Ángel Arellano Manolo 'Manolete' Friend of Charlie
Susana Salazar Hilda Cousin of Manolo
Angy Almanza Alejandra Friend of Lolita
Carmen Zavaleta Sister Patricia
Jorge Galvan Evaristo
José Luis Rojas
José Joel Gerardo
Julio Escalero
Mariana Urrutia Friend of Lolita
Rosalba Brambila
Xóchitl Illiana

Special guest stars edit

  • BOOM
  • Elefante
  • Lou Bega
  • Moneda Dura
  • OV7
  • Sergio Dalma
  • Uff

Theme songs edit

References edit

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