Subete a mi Moto is a Mexican telenovela produced by TV Azteca in 2002. Created by Veronica Suarez and Eric Vonn.[1] The protagonists include Vanessa Acosta, Mark Tacher, Sandra Echeverria, Michel Brown, Alejandra Urdaín and Adrián Cue, and the antagonistic interpretation by Bárbara Mori, Jorge Luis Pila, Susana Alexander and Vanessa Villela.

Súbete a mi moto
Created byVeronica Suarez
Eric Vonn
Directed byEloy Ganuza
Nestor Galvan
StarringVanessa Acosta
Mark Tacher
Sandra Echeverría
Michel Brown
Bárbara Mori
Jorge Luis Pila
Vanessa Villela
Alejandra Urdaín
Adrián Cue
Opening theme"Subete A Mi Moto" by Boom
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes155
ProducersGerardo Zurita
Elisa Salinas
Juan David Burns
EditorsJorge Monzon Lee
Carlos Olivares Alvarez
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time60 minutes
Original release
NetworkAzteca Trece
ReleaseJuly 1, 2002 (2002-07-01) –
January 24, 2003 (2003-01-24)

Plot edit

It is the story of four young people with different personalities, the four looking for love.

Mari Jo (Maria Jose), Mariana, and her two half sisters: Cecilia and Renata, seek to survive their family problems, trying to share a father, all four being daughters of different mothers, Harriet and Laura respectively, both of whom are good women, but who share very different points of views, for reasons of generation and personality.

Mariana and Renata, half-sisters, will fall in love with Richard and fight for him until the end. Not to mention that a third person, who is beautiful and evil, manipulates them into fighting each other.

That person is Nelly, the jealous cousin of the girls, who together with her mother, Carmen, and the main villain, Carlos, will make life difficult for the rest, engaging in piracy.

Ernesto, the father of the sisters, is the director of a major label, he is desolated after realizing it was not true that Harriet, his first wife, betrayed him, and after 20 years he found out the lies Angustias , his former mother in law, created. His two daughters from his first marriage believe he abandoned them. But that's not the worst.

Ernesto, now married to Laura and with two daughters, realizes upon seeing Harriet again he still loves her, but also loves his current wife. Can you love two women at once, but in different ways ?.

Mauricio, a friend of Richard and a Motocross champion, is in love with Renata who always treats him badly.

Maria Jose is the classic pretty girl who does not show her beauty too much so she will be seen for her mind and not her looks. MariJo falls for a man almost 10 years older than she is, causing a series of conflicts both because of the age difference between the two, and because of the way she is. At one point in the story, Marijo and Joseph will compete to be the best broadcasters, despite the love they have for each other.

Cecilia, the youngest of the sisters, whose personal conflict is not knowing what career path to choose after graduating from high school, does not realize the great love Cuco, the friendly shopkeeper's nephew who came to study psychology at the capital, has for her and whose platonic dream (Cuco's), is to become a singer.

But things will not be easy for Cuco because Michelangelo, the right hand of piracy czar Carlos, will want to possess Cecilia at all costs.

Ernesto, determined that his four daughters get along, suggested that he would live alone with the four girls, creating sentimental, emotional, and comedic situations for the soap opera.

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Subete A Mi Moto edit

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