UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is a multi-round mountain bike racing series that is sanctioned by the Union Cycliste Internationale. The first World Cup series – which was composed of cross-country events – was held in 1989. The Downhill World Cup was inaugurated two years later, and the Dual Slalom World Cup was launched in 1998. The dual-slalom format – which involved knock-out heats with two riders on the parallel courses in each heat – evolved into four-cross (with four riders on a single course per heat) in 2002 before being dropped after the 2011 season. Riders win points according to their placing in each event. The reigning series leaders in each class are identified by a special jersey. The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is broadcast live and globally on Red Bull TV.

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
Julien Absalon La Bresse 2012 03.JPG
Frenchman Julien Absalon is a seven-time winner of the overall cross-country series.
Genresports event
Inaugurated1991 (1991)
Organised byUCI

The replacement world series for 4X World Cup is the 4X Pro Tour and for XCM World Cup is UCI MTB Marathon series.

Overall series winnersEdit

Cross-country (XCO)Edit


Season Winner Runner-up Third
1990   Ned Overend   Thomas Frischknecht   Tim Gould
1991   John Tomac   Gerhard Zadrobilek   David Wiens
1992   Thomas Frischknecht   John Tomac   Ned Overend
1993   Thomas Frischknecht   John Tomac   Peter Hric
1994   Bart Brentjens   Ned Overend   Tinker Juarez
1995   Thomas Frischknecht   Rune Hoydahl   Jan Erik Østergaard
1996   Christophe Dupouey   Thomas Frischknecht   Miguel Martinez
1997   Miguel Martinez   Christophe Dupouey   Cadel Evans
1998   Cadel Evans   Miguel Martinez   Rune Hoydahl
1999   Cadel Evans   Miguel Martinez   Christoph Sauser
2000   Miguel Martinez   Bas van Dooren   Christophe Dupouey
2001   Roland Green   José Antonio Hermida   Miguel Martinez
2002   Filip Meirhaeghe   Christoph Sauser   Thomas Frischknecht
2003   Julien Absalon   Christoph Sauser   Filip Meirhaeghe
2004   Christoph Sauser   Roel Paulissen   Filip Meirhaeghe
2005   Christoph Sauser   José Antonio Hermida   Julien Absalon
2006   Julien Absalon   Christoph Sauser   José Antonio Hermida
2007   Julien Absalon   José Antonio Hermida   Christoph Sauser
2008   Julien Absalon   Christoph Sauser   José Antonio Hermida
2009   Julien Absalon   José Antonio Hermida   Burry Stander
2010   Nino Schurter   Julien Absalon   Jaroslav Kulhavý
2011   Jaroslav Kulhavý   Nino Schurter   Julien Absalon
2012   Nino Schurter   Burry Stander   Jaroslav Kulhavý
2013   Nino Schurter   Daniel McConnell   Julien Absalon
2014   Julien Absalon   Nino Schurter   Daniel McConnell
2015   Nino Schurter   Julien Absalon   Jaroslav Kulhavý
2016   Julien Absalon   Nino Schurter   Maxime Marotte
2017   Nino Schurter   Stephane Tempier   Maxime Marotte
2018   Nino Schurter   Mathieu van der Poel   Maxime Marotte
2019   Nino Schurter   Mathieu van der Poel   Henrique Avancini
2020 UCI decided to not award World Cup standings points as just two races were run.[1]
  • Medals:
1   Switzerland (SUI)128323
2  France (FRA)106925
3  Australia (AUS)2125
4  United States (USA)1337
5  Netherlands (NED)1304
6  Belgium (BEL)1124
7  Czech Republic (CZE)1023
8  Canada (CAN)1001
9  Spain (ESP)0426
10  Norway (NOR)0112
  South Africa (RSA)0112
12  Austria (AUT)0101
13  Brazil (BRA)0011
  Denmark (DEN)0011
  Slovakia (SVK)0011
Totals (15 nations)29292886


Season Winner Runner-up Third
1991   Sara Ballantyne   Juli Furtado   Regina Stiefl [de]
1992   Ruthie Matthes   Juli Furtado   Chantal Daucourt
1993   Juli Furtado   Ruthie Matthes   Alison Sydor
1994   Juli Furtado   Caroline Alexander   Alison Sydor
1995   Juli Furtado   Alison Sydor   Paola Pezzo
1996   Alison Sydor   Gunn-Rita Dahle   Juli Furtado
1997   Paola Pezzo   Alison Sydor   Chantal Daucourt
1998   Alison Sydor   Laurence Leboucher   Paola Pezzo
1999   Alison Sydor   Gunn-Rita Dahle   Annabella Stropparo
2000   Barbara Blatter   Alison Dunlap   Alison Sydor
2001   Barbara Blatter   Caroline Alexander   Margarita Fullana
2002   Alison Dunlap   Sabine Spitz   Margarita Fullana
2003   Gunn-Rita Dahle   Sabine Spitz   Irina Kalentieva
2004   Gunn-Rita Dahle   Marie-Hélène Prémont   Annabella Stropparo
2005   Gunn-Rita Dahle   Sabine Spitz   Marie-Hélène Prémont
2006   Gunn-Rita Dahle   Marie-Hélène Prémont   Sabine Spitz
2007   Irina Kalentieva   Marie-Hélène Prémont   Ren Chengyuan
2008   Marie-Hélène Prémont   Catharine Pendrel   Margarita Fullana
2009   Elisabeth Osl   Lene Byberg   Catharine Pendrel
2010   Catharine Pendrel   Willow Koerber   Eva Lechner
2011   Julie Bresset   Catharine Pendrel   Irina Kalentieva
2012   Catharine Pendrel   Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå   Kateřina Nash
2013   Tanja Žakelj   Eva Lechner   Kateřina Nash
2014   Jolanda Neff   Catharine Pendrel   Tanja Žakelj
2015   Jolanda Neff   Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå   Lea Davison
2016   Catharine Pendrel   Annika Langvad   Emily Batty
2017   Yana Belomoyna   Maja Włoszczowska   Annika Langvad
2018   Jolanda Neff   Annika Langvad   Emily Batty
2019   Kate Courtney   Jolanda Neff   Pauline Ferrand-Prévot
2020 UCI decided to not award World Cup standings points as just two races were run.[1]
  • Medals:
1  Canada (CAN)78722
2  United States (USA)75214
3   Switzerland (SUI)5128
4  Norway (NOR)4509
5  Italy (ITA)1157
6  France (FRA)1113
7  Russia (RUS)1023
8  Slovenia (SLO)1012
9  Austria (AUT)1001
  Ukraine (UKR)1001
11  Germany (GER)0325
12  Denmark (DEN)0213
13  Great Britain (GBR)0202
14  Poland (POL)0101
15  Spain (ESP)0033
16  Czech Republic (CZE)0022
17  China (CHN)0011
Totals (17 nations)29292987

Cross-country time-trialEdit


Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2001   Marco Bui   Roland Green   Michael Rasmussen


Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2001   Barbara Blatter   Annabella Stropparo   Margarita Fullana

Marathon (XCM)Edit


Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2005   Mauro Bettin   Alban Lakata   Dario Acquaroli
2006   Leonardo Páez   Thomas Dietsch   Roland Stauder
2007   Thomas Dietsch   Massimo de Bertolis   Alban Lakata
2008   Leonardo Páez   Thomas Dietsch   Alban Lakata


Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2005   Daniela Louis   Esther Süss   Anna Enocsson
2006   Pia Sundstedt   Esther Süss   Elena Giacomuzzi
2007   Pia Sundstedt   Esther Süss   Ivonne Kraft
2008   Pia Sundstedt   Esther Süss   Blaža Klemenčič

Downhill (DH)Edit


Season Winner Runner-up Third
1993   Jürgen Beneke   John Tomac   Stefano Migliorini
1994   François Gachet   Jürgen Beneke   Nicolas Vouilloz
1995   Nicolas Vouilloz   Mike King   Myles Rockwell
1996   Nicolas Vouilloz   Marcus Klausmann   Thomas Misser
1997   Corrado Herin   Jürgen Beneke   Thomas Misser
1998   Nicolas Vouilloz   David Vazquez Lopez   Cédric Gracia
1999   Nicolas Vouilloz   Steve Peat   Gerwin Peters
2000   Nicolas Vouilloz   Steve Peat   David Vazquez Lopez
2001   Greg Minnaar   Nicolas Vouilloz   Mickael Pascal
2002   Steve Peat   Cédric Gracia   Chris Kovarik
2003   Nathan Rennie   Cédric Gracia   Mickael Pascal
2004   Steve Peat   Sam Hill   Nathan Rennie
2005   Greg Minnaar   Sam Hill   Nathan Rennie
2006   Steve Peat   Sam Hill   Greg Minnaar
2007   Sam Hill   Matti Lehikoinen   Steve Peat
2008   Greg Minnaar   Sam Hill   Gee Atherton
2009   Sam Hill   Greg Minnaar   Steve Peat
2010   Gee Atherton   Greg Minnaar   Aaron Gwin
2011   Aaron Gwin   Greg Minnaar   Gee Atherton
2012   Aaron Gwin   Greg Minnaar   Gee Atherton
2013   Steve Smith   Gee Atherton   Greg Minnaar
2014   Josh Bryceland   Aaron Gwin   Troy Brosnan
2015   Aaron Gwin   Loïc Bruni   Troy Brosnan
2016   Aaron Gwin   Danny Hart   Troy Brosnan
2017   Aaron Gwin   Troy Brosnan   Greg Minnaar
2018   Amaury Pierron   Danny Hart   Troy Brosnan
2019   Loïc Bruni   Amaury Pierron   Troy Brosnan
2020   Matt Walker   Loïc Bruni   Greg Minnaar


Season Winner Runner-up Third
1993   Regina Stiefl   Giovanna Bonazzi   Missy Giove
1994   Kim Sonier   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Missy Giove
1995   Regina Stiefl   Giovanna Bonazzi   Kim Sonier
1996   Missy Giove   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Leigh Donovan
1997   Missy Giove   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Leigh Donovan
1998   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Missy Giove   Nolvenn Le Caer
1999   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Missy Giove   Katja Repo
2000   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Missy Giove   Leigh Donovan
2001   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Missy Giove   Sabrina Jonnier
2002   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Sabrina Jonnier   Tracy Moseley
2003   Sabrina Jonnier   Fionn Griffiths   Tracy Moseley
2004   Céline Gros   Sabrina Jonnier   Marielle Saner
2005   Sabrina Jonnier   Tracy Moseley   Rachel Atherton
2006   Tracy Moseley   Sabrina Jonnier   Rachel Atherton
2007   Sabrina Jonnier   Tracy Moseley   Tracey Hannah
2008   Rachel Atherton   Sabrina Jonnier   Tracy Moseley
2009   Sabrina Jonnier   Tracy Moseley   Emmeline Ragot
2010   Sabrina Jonnier   Floriane Pugin   Myriam Nicole
2011   Tracy Moseley   Floriane Pugin   Rachel Atherton
2012   Rachel Atherton   Emmeline Ragot   Myriam Nicole
2013   Rachel Atherton   Emmeline Ragot   Manon Carpenter
2014   Manon Carpenter   Rachel Atherton   Emmeline Ragot
2015   Rachel Atherton   Manon Carpenter   Tahnee Seagrave
2016   Rachel Atherton   Manon Carpenter   Tracey Hannah
2017   Myriam Nicole   Tahnee Seagrave   Tracey Hannah
2018   Rachel Atherton   Tahnee Seagrave   Tracey Hannah
2019   Tracey Hannah   Marine Cabirou   Veronica Widmann
2020   Marine Cabirou   Myriam Nicole   Nina Hoffmann

Junior MenEdit

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2010   Troy Brosnan   George Brannigan   Lewis Buchanan
2011   Troy Brosnan   Loïc Bruni   Neko Mulally
2012   Loïc Bruni   Connor Fearon   Richard Rude Jr
2013   Richie Rude   Loris Vergier   Michael Jones
2014   Loris Vergier   Luca Shaw   Taylor Vernon
2015   Laurie Greenland   Andrew Crimmins   Jacob Dickson
2016   Finnley Iles   Gaëtan Vige   Elliott Heap



Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1998   Brian Lopes   Dave Cullinan   Eric Carter
1999   Eric Carter   Brian Lopes   Cédric Gracia
2000   Brian Lopes   Cédric Gracia   Wade Bootes
2001   Brian Lopes   Eric Carter   Mickael Deldycke


Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1998   Katrina Miller   Sari Jörgensen   Sabrina Jonnier
1999   Katrina Miller   Leigh Donovan   Tara Llanes
2000   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Tara Llanes   Leigh Donovan
2001   Leigh Donovan   Katrina Miller   Tara Llanes

Four-cross (4X)Edit


Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2002   Brian Lopes   Cédric Gracia   Mike King
2003   Eric Carter   Michal Prokop   Mike King
2004   Michal Prokop   Brian Lopes   Guido Tschugg
2005   Brian Lopes   Michal Prokop   Cédric Gracia
2006   Michal Prokop   Jared Graves   Kamil Tatarkovič
2007   Brian Lopes   Michal Prokop   Jared Graves
2008   Rafael Alvarez De Lara Lucas   Guido Tschugg   Dan Atherton
2009   Jared Graves   Joost Wichman   Romain Saladini
2010   Jared Graves   Tomáš Slavík   Joost Wichman
2011   Jared Graves   Roger Rinderknecht   Tomáš Slavík


Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2002   Anne-Caroline Chausson   Sabrina Jonnier   Katrina Miller
2003   Katrina Miller   Sabrina Jonnier   Mio Suemasa
2004   Sabrina Jonnier   Tara Llanes   Jill Kintner
2005   Jill Kintner   Anneke Beerten   Jana Horáková
2006   Jill Kintner   Katrina Miller   Tara Llanes
2007   Anneke Beerten   Jill Kintner   Mio Suemasa
2008   Anneke Beerten   Anita Molcik   Melissa Buhl
2009   Anneke Beerten   Fionn Griffiths   Jill Kintner
2010   Anita Molcik   Anneke Beerten   Jana Horáková
2011   Anneke Beerten   Melissa Buhl   Lucia Oetjen

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