UAAP Season 68

UAAP Season 68 was the 2005–06 season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. Several events were held, the most prominent was the basketball tournament. The tournament is divided into three divisions: the Juniors tournament for high school students, the Women's tournament for female college students, and the Men's tournament for male college students

UAAP Season 68
UAAP Season 68 logo.png
Host schoolAdamson school colors Adamson University
TaglineSOAR Higher!
SeniorsUST school colors University of Santo Tomas
JuniorsUE school colors University of the East
Seniors' champions
Basketball FEU school colors FEU Ateneo school colors Ateneo
Volleyball FEU school colors FEU La Salle school colors La Salle
Football Ateneo school colors Ateneo La Salle school colors La Salle
Baseball UP school colors UP N/A
Softball N/A Adamson school colors Adamson
Fencing UE school colors UE UE school colors UE
Swimming UP school colors UP UST school colors UST
Badminton UST school colors UST La Salle school colors La Salle
Chess UP school colors UP UST school colors UST
Judo UP school colors UP UST school colors UST
Taekwondo UST school colors UST UST school colors UST
Table tennis UST school colors UST UST school colors UST
Tennis La Salle school colors La Salle La Salle school colors La Salle
Track and field FEU school colors FEU FEU school colors FEU
Cheerdance UST school colors UST (Ex - Coed)
Juniors' champions
Basketball La Salle school colors DLSZ N/A
Volleyball UE school colors UE UE school colors UE
Softball Ateneo school colors Ateneo UE school colors UE
Fencing UE school colors UE
Badminton UST school colors UST
Chess UE school colors UE
Judo UST school colors UST
(NT) = No tournament; (DS) = Demonstration Sport;
(Ex) = Exhibition;

The FEU Tamaraws swept the defending champions La Salle Green Archers, 2 games to none in the Men's tournament to take their record-breaking 19th title, with Arwind Santos as the Finals MVP. It was a rematch of the 2004 Final, where the Archers prevailed, 2–1.

In the juniors division, the De La Salle Zobel Junior Archers swept the UPIS Junior Maroons, 2–0, to take their first UAAP title. It was also La Salle's first Juniors title since the 1955 La Salle Green Hills championship in the NCAA.

In the women's tournament, the Ateneo Lady Eagles swept the Adamson Lady Falcons, 2 games to none, to win their first UAAP women's title. The Lady Eagles snapped the Lady Falcons' two year title run.


Men's tournamentEdit

Elimination roundEdit

Pos Team W L PCT GB Qualification
1   FEU Tamaraws 12 2 .857 Twice-to-beat in the semifinals
2   De La Salle Green Archers[a] 10 4 .714[b] 2
3   Ateneo Blue Eagles 10 4 .714[b] 2 Twice-to-win in the semifinals
4   UE Red Warriors 10 4 .714[b] 2
5   UP Fighting Maroons 6 8 .429 6
6   UST Growling Tigers 4 10 .286 8
7   Adamson Soaring Falcons (H) 3 11 .214 9
8   NU Bulldogs 1 13 .071 11
(H) Host
  1. ^ This "final" team standings is overtuned when La Salle forfeited their games after the season was over. See Suspension of De La Salle University for details.
  2. ^ a b c Head-to-head point differential: La Salle +46, UE –19, Ateneo –27; third-seed playoff: Ateneo 76–65 UE
  • La Salle clinched No. 2 seed and the twice to beat advantage in the semifinals with a better points difference (+46) against UE (−19) and Ateneo (−27).
  • Ateneo and UE played for the No. 3 seed where Ateneo defeated UE 76–65.

Note: The "final" team standings were adjusted when La Salle forfeited its games after the season was over. See Suspension of De La Salle University-Manila for details.


(Nos. 1 & 2 have twice-to-beat advantage)
(Best-of-three series)
1   FEU 78  
4   UE 57    
  1   FEU 75 73
  2   La Salle 73 71
2   La Salle 74  
3   Ateneo 57  


 UAAP Season 68 men's basketball champions 
FEU Tamaraws
19th title, third consecutive title

Women's TournamentEdit


  • Finals Most Valuable Player: Cassey Tioseco (Ateneo Lady Eagles)
  • Season Most Valuable Player: Kristine Prado (De La Salle Lady Archers)
  • Rookie of the Year: Sihaya Sadorra (UP Lady Maroons)

Juniors' tournamentEdit

The Juniors' tournament saw the return of Far Eastern University juniors team, the FEU-FERN Baby Tamaraws.

Elimination roundEdit

Pos Team W L PCT GB Qualification
1   Ateneo Blue Eaglets 12 2 .857 Twice-to-beat in the semifinals
2   DLSZ Junior Archers 11 3 .786 1
3   FEU–D Baby Tamaraws 10 4 .714[a] 2 Twice-to-win in the semifinals
4   UPIS Junior Maroons 10 4 .714[a] 2
5   Adamson Baby Falcons (H) 7 7 .500 5
6   UST Tiger Cubs 5 9 .357 7
7   UE Junior Warriors 2 12 .143 10
8   NSNU Bullpups 0 14 .000 12
Source:[citation needed]
Rules for classification: 1) winning percentage; 2) if tied for #2 or #4, one-game playoff; 3) head-to-head record; 4) head-to-head point differential; 5) overall point differential
(H) Host
  1. ^ a b Head-to-head record: FEU 2–0 UPIS


(Nos. 1 & 2 have twice-to-beat advantage)
Best of 3 Finals
1   Ateneo 61 58  
4   UP 62 76  
  4   UP 49 62
  2   La Salle 73 86
2   La Salle 74  
3   FEU 66  


In the semifinals, the higher seed has the twice-to-beat advantage, where they only have to win once, while their opponents twice, to progress.

Ateneo vs. UPISEdit

The Ateneo Blue Eaglets had the twice-to-beat advantage.

September 29
Ateneo Blue Eaglets   58–76   UPIS Junior Maroons
UPIS wins series in two games


The De La Salle Junior Archers had twice-to-beat advantage.

September 25
DLSZ Junior Archers   74–66   FEU–D Baby Tamaraws
La Salle wins series in one game


October 6
DLSZ Junior Archers   86–62   UPIS Junior Maroons
La Salle wins series 2–0


  • Finals Most Valuable Player: Simon Atkins (DLSZ Junior Archers)
  • Season Most Valuable Player: Francis Maniego (UPIS Junior Maroons)
  • Rookie of the Year: Raffy Mangahas (FEU–D Baby Tamaraws)


The Cheerdance Competition was held on September 17, 2005 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Order Pep squad Score
1st   UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe 90.98
2nd   UP Pep Squad 90.76
3rd   FEU Cheering Squad 88.72
4th   DLSU Animo Squad 76.37
5th   UE Pep Squad 76.15
6th   Adamson Pep Squad 76.09
7th   Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion 69.33
8th   NU Pep Squad 64.48

General championship summaryEdit

The general champion is determined by a point system. The system gives 15 points to the champion team of a UAAP event, 12 to the runner-up, and 10 to the third placer. The following points: 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 are given to the rest of the participating teams according to their order of finish.

Medals tableEdit

General championship tallyEdit

Seniors' divisionEdit

1  UST441210121510151212151515101515101512810128868141147288
2  UP610102151215121010126884121212151288421010129116245
3  La Salle126615810121015156810158106846121512444115126241
4  Ateneo1015161082488410446615101041561010812103103206
5  FEU15815868812121210861015151269987186
6  UE (H)824466866102621248610461215159369162
7  Adamson2128124242661526265581
8  NU1211211814317
Source: [1][2]
(H) Season host;   = Champion;   = Runner-up;   = Third place; = No team.
Notes: Results are final.

Juniors' divisionEdit

1  UE (H)2151510151515106583015103
2  UST410126861015156020686
3  Ateneo101215121212127301285
4  DLSZ158101210446105520479
5  UPIS126881288885020878
6  NU1106701017
7  Adamson62280210
8  FEU–FERN88008
(H) Season host;   = Champion;   = Runner-up;   = Third place; = No team.
Notes: Results are final.

Individual awardsEdit

Athlete of the Year:

  • Seniors: Luica Dacanay (UP Lady Maroons, swimming)
  • Juniors: Nelson Mariano III (UE Red Warriors, chess)[3]

Suspension of De La Salle University-ManilaEdit

Controversy surrounded the UAAP after De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU) discovered that two members of its men's basketball team were ineligible to play in the UAAP from the 2003–2004 up to the 2005–2006 season. The players failed Department of Education's Philippine Educational Placement Test Certificate of Rating (PEPTCR, a replacement for a high school diploma). The University has offered to return the 2004 championship and 2005 runner-up trophy and file a leave of absence from the league.

In its meeting on April 21, 2006 in Adamson University, members of the UAAP Board unanimously decided to suspend DLSU in all sports events of the UAAP for the entire 2006–2007 season as a consequence of the university's negligence and inaction against the two ineligible players.

The board has also forfeited all of La Salle's men's basketball games from 2003 to 2004. The board awarded the 2004 title to FEU as a result.

If the forfeited games are factored in, the final elimination round standings is:

Team W L
FEU Tamaraws 12 2
Ateneo Blue Eagles 12 2
UE Red Warriors 11 3
UP Fighting Maroons 7 7
UST Growling Tigers 6 8
Adamson Soaring Falcons 5 9
NU Bulldogs 3 11
La Salle Green Archers 0 14

All of La Salle's victories in the playoffs were also forfeited; if La Salle won the 2005 title, they would've surrendered back the trophy to the finals opponents, FEU.

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