U.S. Route 50 in West Virginia

U.S. Route 50 (US 50) in West Virginia runs from the border with Ohio to Virginia, passing briefly through Garrett County, Maryland, and following the Northwestern Turnpike. Prior to the U.S. Highway System it was West Virginia Route 1 and in the 1930s, the road was not finished in Maryland. Today the section of US 50 from Clarksburg to Parkersburg on the Ohio River is part of Corridor D of the Appalachian Development Highway System.

U.S. Route 50 marker
U.S. Route 50
Route information
Maintained by WVDOH
Length196.20 mi[1] (315.75 km)
Western section
West end US 50 / SR 32 in Belpre, OH
I-77 in Parkersburg
US 19 in Clarksburg
I-79 in Clarksburg
US 250 near Grafton
US 119 in Grafton
East end US 50 near Brookside
Eastern section
West end US 50 in Gormania
US 220 in New Creek
East end US 50 towards Winchester, VA
CountiesWood, Ritchie, Doddridge, Harrison, Taylor, Preston; Grant, Mineral, Hampshire
Highway system
WV 49 WV 51

For much of its length, Route 50 roughly parallels the North Bend Rail Trail and crosses the trail at three places.[2]

Route descriptionEdit

Western segmentEdit

US 50 crosses the Ohio River on a bridge, with Blennerhassett Island in the middle of the river. It continues as a freeway with two interchanges at Route 892, and runs concurrently with Route 68 starting at the second interchange up to where it exits and heads into downtown Parkersburg. US 50 stays on the southern shore of the Little Kanawha River, intersecting Route 14 and then after crossing the river, Route 47 and Route 618 before becoming a divided expressway at the I-77 interchange. US 50 then briefly turns south before heading east through the forest. South of Deerwalk, the route runs concurrently with Route 31 for a few miles. In Ellenboro, US 50 has an interchange with Route 16, providing access into the town; an intersection with Route 74 does the same for Pennsboro, and several miles later, Route 18 for West Union. Route 23 intersects the highway west of East Salem and Bristol.[3]

Upon entering Clarksburg, there is a diamond interchange with US 19 and Route 20 before US 50 passes through the town as a freeway, with several interchanges, including another with Route 20. After an interchange with I-79, US 50 becomes Main Street, passing through the city of Bridgeport and intersecting Route 131 and passing south of the North Central West Virginia Airport. The route intersects Route 279 and then runs concurrently with US 250 until just before US 50 enters Fetterman and then Grafton. US 50 intersects US 119 in the eastern part of the city before continuing east through Thornton and curving through the mountains to Evansville. Route 92 briefly runs concurrently with the highway, and Route 26 intersects the route near Fellowsville. After several miles through the forest, Route 72 briefly runs concurrently with the highway before US 50 continues east into Aurora and intersects Route 24. Then, US 50 crosses into Maryland.[3]

Eastern segmentEdit

View east along US 50 east of WV 93 in Claysville, Mineral County

US 50 crosses back into West Virginia over the north bank of the Potomac River. After passing through Gormania, the highway continues through the forest, and runs concurrently with Route 42 from near Mount Storm to near Hartmansville. Near Claysville, the route intersects Route 93, and Route 972 intersect US 50 near New Creek. US 220 runs concurrently with US 50 through Ridgeville, Markwood, and Burlington. At Junction, US 220 splits off to the south, and Route 28 continues east with US 50 through Mechanicsburg and through the river plain. In the town of Romney, US 50 goes through downtown, while Route 28 continues north. The highway goes through Shanks and Frenchburg, as well as Augusta; Route 29 runs concurrently through Pleasantdale. US 50 continues east through Hanging Rock and Loom, crossing the Cacapon River in Capon Bridge. US 50 then continues into Virginia.[4]

US 50 eastbound at WV 29 near Pleasantdale

Water crossingsEdit

Historic sitesEdit

Saddle Mountain at sunrise, as viewed from Skyline atop the Allegheny Front along U.S. 50 in West Virginia

Mineral CountyEdit

Hampshire CountyEdit

Major intersectionsEdit

US 50 west to SR 7 / SR 32 – Athens, Belpre
Ohio state line (Blennerhassett Island Bridge over Ohio River)
  WV 892 (Dupont Road) – Washingtoninterchange
  CR 34/4 (River Hill Road)interchange
  WV 68 south – Ravenswoodinterchange; west end of WV 68 overlap
Marrtown  CR 9 (Marrtown Road)interchange
  WV 68 north (Juliana Street) – Downtown Parkersburginterchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; east end of WV 68 overlap
Parkersburg  WV 14 (Division Street) – Downtown Parkersburginterchange
  WV 47 (Staunton Avenue)interchange
  WV 618 (7th Street)interchange
   I-77 / WV 2 – Marietta, OH, CharlestonI-77 exit 176
Deerwalk   WV 31 north / CR 50/16 (Riser Ridge Road) – Deerwalkwest end of WV 31 overlap
Ritchie  WV 31 south – Cairoeast end of WV 31 overlap
Ellenboro  WV 16 – Ellenboro, Harrisvilleinterchange
Pennsboro  WV 74 – Pennsboro, Pullman
Doddridge  WV 18 – West Union, Glenville
Harrison  WV 23 – Alma, Salem, Fort New Salem, Salem International University
East SalemDowntown Salem (CR 50/73)interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Clarksburg   US 19 / WV 20 (West Pike Street)interchange
West Virginia Avenue / Sycamore Streetinterchange
Chestnut Streetinterchange
3rd Street / 2nd Street - Downtown Clarksburginterchange
  WV 20 (Joyce Street)interchange
  I-79 – Fairmont, CharlestonI-79 exit 119
WV 58 west (Virginia Avenue) to I-79
   WV 131 north (Benedum Drive) – Airport
  WV 76 east – Flemington
WV 279 west to I-79
Taylor  US 250 north – Fairmontwest end of US 250 overlap
Pruntytown  US 250 south – Elkinseast end of US 250 overlap
Grafton  WV 310 north – Valley Falls State Park
  US 119
Preston  WV 92 north – Arthurdale, Reedsvillewest end of WV 92 overlap
  WV 92 south – Nestorville, Belingtoneast end of WV 92 overlap
Fellowsville  WV 26 north – Kingwood
Macomber  WV 72 south – Parsonswest end of WV 72 overlap
  WV 72 north – Rowlesburgeast end of WV 72 overlap
Brookside  WV 24 south – Thomas
  US 50 east (George Washington Highway)
US 50 passes through Maryland
GarrettGorman  US 50 west (George Washington Highway)
North Branch Potomac RiverGormania Bridge
GrantGormania  WV 90 south – Thomas
Mount Storm  WV 42 south – Petersburgwest end of WV 42 overlap
Mineral  WV 42 north – Elk Garden, Jennings Randolph Lakeeast end of WV 42 overlap
Claysville  WV 93 west – Scherrwest end of WV 93 overlap
New Creek  
WV 93 east to US 220 north – Keyser
east end of WV 93 overlap
  US 220 north – Keyserwest end of US 220 overlap
HampshireJunction   US 220 south / WV 28 south – Moorefieldeast end of US 220 overlap; west end of WV 28 overlap
Romney  WV 28 northeast end of WV 28 overlap
  WV 29 north – Paw Pawwest end of WV 29 overlap
  WV 29 south – Bakereast end of WV 29 overlap
  US 50 east – WinchesterVirginia state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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