U.S. Route 119

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U.S. Route 119 (US 119) is a spur of US 19. It is a north–south route (on a northeast-southwest alignment) that was an original United States highway of 1926. It is Corridor G of the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) east of US 23 and KY 80 in Kentucky to Interstate 64 at Charleston, West Virginia.

U.S. Route 119 marker
U.S. Route 119
US 119 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 19
Length585 mi[citation needed] (941 km)
Existed1926[citation needed]–present
Major junctions
South end US 25E in Pineville, KY
Major intersections
North end US 219 in Sandy Township, PA
CountryUnited States
StatesKentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania
Highway system
KY 118KY KY 120
WV 115WV US 121

Route descriptionEdit


In Kentucky, US 119 is a two- and four-lane highway running from Pineville at U.S. Route 25E to the West Virginia state line at South Williamson. It follows the Cumberland River past Harlan to near the source of the river's Poor Fork, crosses Pine Mountain south of Whitesburg, then follows a meandering course along the mountain to Jenkins, where it joins US 23 and turns north to Pikeville. Just north of Pikeville it turns east to South Williamson, where it crosses the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River into Williamson, W.Va.

From Pineville to US 23 (Country Music Highway) at Jenkins, it is part of ADHS Corridor F. In its concurrency from Jenkins north to Pikeville, where it heads east toward West Virginia, it is part of Corridor B. From US 23/KY 80 at Pikeville eastward towards the state line, it is part of Corridor G.

West VirginiaEdit

View south along US 119 at WV 36 near Spencer, West Virginia

U.S. Route 119 enters West Virginia from Kentucky as unsigned ADHS Corridor G, a four-lane limited-access highway stretching from Williamson to Charleston. The earliest segment of Corridor G to open was in 1972 and was finished in 1997. Formerly, US 119 was a typical two-lane mountain highway. Old US 119 now comprises all or parts of US 52, WV 44, WV 10, WV 17, WV 85, WV 3, WV 94 and WV 61.

The US route becomes a mostly two-lane highway north of Charleston, having functionally been replaced by Interstate 79. Compared to its replacement, US 119 takes a rather winding course. A trip from the Charleston area to the Morgantown area (I-79/US 119 Exit #1 to I-68 Exit #1) is 147 miles (237 km) via I-79 and 182 miles (293 km) via US 119. The travel time is about double taking US 119, over 4 hours instead of about 2 hours.

From Charleston, US 119 heads roughly east along the Elk River to Clendenin, where it turns north for 29 miles (47 km) to Spencer. At Spencer, it begins to head east with US 33 for 81.4 miles (131.0 km). Along the way, it passes through Glenville and Weston, where it intersects parent route US 19 and replacement I-79. From I-79 to WV 20 at Buckhannon, US 33/US 119 follow Corridor H.

US 119 and US 52 north of Williamson.

At Buckhannon, US 119 again turns north — first with WV 20 then by itself as it travels to Philippi. At Philippi it joins with US 250 for 12 miles (19 km). From there, US 119 heads on its own through Grafton and towards Morgantown.

Just south of Morgantown, US 119 intersects Interstate 68's Exit #1, immediately east of its end at I-79. US 119 then enters downtown Morgantown, again meeting with US 19. It leaves town via the narrow and winding North Willey Street and congested Mileground.

Just after the Mileground, US 119 intersects with the Monongalia County Route 857 connector to I-68 Exit #7, which effectively allows through traffic to bypass Morgantown. US 119 finally turns north to enter Pennsylvania near Point Marion. The Hamilton Farm Petroglyphs are along this section. Much of this last stretch of US 119 heading towards Uniontown, Pennsylvania is already bypassed by traffic using I-68, CR 857, and PA 857. While this alternate route is longer, it has a better alignment and is faster to travel.[1]


US 119 travels through Connellsville, Greensburg, and Punxsutawney, and bypasses Uniontown and Indiana. There are numerous other boroughs and villages along its 133-mile (214 km) route in the Keystone State.

The southern entrance of US 119 is at the West Virginia state line one-half mile south of Point Marion. The northern terminus is at US 219 two miles (3 km) south of DuBois, Pennsylvania.

US 119's control cities include Morgantown, West Virginia, Uniontown, Connellsville, New Stanton (for northbound traffic only), Greensburg, Blairsville, Indiana, Punxsutawney, and DuBois.


US 23 / US 123Edit


U.S. Route 123

LocationPineville, KYJenkins, KY

In 1929 U.S. Route 23, which then ended at Jenkins, KY, was extended to Pineville. The following year this section was renumbered to U.S. Route 123, to allow US 23 to be extended in a different direction (towards Kingsport TN). In 1934 US 119 was extended from Morgantown WV into Kentucky, joining US 123 at Jenkins; US 123 was then renumbered to US 119.


The Burning Fork interchange northeast of Pikeville, in 2005 when 119 was under construction.

Hwy 119 in Kentucky was originally a series of two-lane roads paralleling Pine Mountain that connected Pineville to Baxter (just north of Harlan) and then headed northeast through Cumberland, Whitesburg, and Pikeville en route to West Virginia.

Starting in the 1970s, there were a number of projects that widened or replaced sections of the road. In most places, the original route has been largely abandoned, instead cutting through the mountain to provide a much wider and straighter route. Small segments of the original route are still in existence as access roads to communities that predate the expansion. In Loyall the original route is known as Hwy 413, and this parallels Hwy 119 heading northeast until it reaches the community of Rosspoint. During this stretch in Baxter, Hwy 119 also briefly combines with U.S. Route 421, which then splits off and heads north across Pine Mountain. In Rosspoint, the original route of Hwy 119 is designated as Hwy 522. Hwy 522 parallels Hwy 119 all the way to Cumberland, where the final stretch of original highway is called Kingdom Come Dr. before merging with Hwy 119 just south of the Harlan County/Letcher County border.

From this point until the base of Pine Mountain (unofficially called Whitesburg Mountain), the highway is largely unchanged from its original route. On the mountain, Hwy 119 has recently been widened in a number of places in order to make it safer for trucking traffic.

Across the mountain in Whitesburg, Hwy 119 turns northeast. South of Jenkins, Hwy 119 merges with U.S. Route 23 until Pikeville, where it splits off and heads northeast to the West Virginia border.

In 2007, a 6-mile stretch of Hwy 119 northeast of Pikeville, was expanded and improved by cutting through the mountain, once again abandoning the original route which is now known as the Zebulon Hwy. and Bent Branch Rd. Past this point, Hwy 119 follows its original route until exiting Kentucky at South Williamson.

West VirginiaEdit

The routing of US 119 south of Charleston changed drastically with the opening of Corridor G from 1972 to 1997.

The original routing southeast of the capital was WV 61 to Marmet, where it took WV 94 southwest to Racine.[2] From Racine to Danville, it followed today's WV 3 and onward to Madison. From Madison south to Logan, it followed today's WV 17.

South of Logan to Mountain View, it followed WV 44. At Mountain View, it intersected US 52 and traveled concurrently with it to the northwest, to Williamson, where it entered Kentucky.

Corridor GEdit


Corridor G

LocationPikeville, KY – Charleston, WV
Length105.1 mi[3] (169.1 km)

Corridor G is a highway in Kentucky and West Virginia. It is part of the Appalachian Development Highway System, encompassing US 119 for its length. At the southern terminus of Corridor G at Corridor B (US 23/US 460/KY 80) near Pikeville, Kentucky, traffic can continue along Corridor B towards Pikeville and Jenkins, where one can pick up Corridor F (US 119) or proceed south on Corridor B (US 23) into Virginia. At the northern terminus at Interstate 64 in Charleston, West Virginia, one can pick up Interstate 77 and Interstate 79, along with the West Virginia Turnpike.

The Hatfield–McCoy Trails are an ATV and mountain biking network of trails throughout southwest West Virginia. Three trail heads branch off from various secondary routes accessible from Corridor G.


In 1974,[4] the first segment of Corridor G was completed from KY 292 (2nd St.) at South Williamson south to KY 199 at Huddy. This was a four-lane divided highway that contained mountable medians and jersey barriers, with a mix of state route and driveway access. This is especially evident as US 119 cuts through the center of Belfry and South Williamson. Several years later, a 2.5-mile (4.0 km) segment of four-lane US 119 along Buckley Creek opened from Corridor B/US 23/US 460/KY 80 north of Pikeville to what is now KY 1426 3.5 miles (5.6 km) northeast of Pikeville.

In 1997,[4] a section of US 119 was relocated on new alignment from KY 3154 (Meathouse Fork Rd.) at Canada east to KY 199 at Huddy. Two years later,[4] a section of US 119 was relocated on new alignment from 2.5 miles (4.0 km) east of Meta to KY 3154 at Canada. This involved extensive highwall construction at Bent Mountain and Canada Knob.

The final segment of Corridor G in Kentucky to be completed was from the KY 1426 intersection north of Pikeville east to Scott Fork 2.5 miles (4.0 km) east of Meta. This segment required the construction of three twin steel-box girder bridges at Johns Creek (KY 194) near Bevins Branch, Winn Branch (Winn Branch Road), and Raccoon Creek (KY 1441).[5] This also includes a modified diamond interchange at what will be old US 119 1/2-mile east of KY 1426 at Zebulon.

On June 30, 2006, the "Pinson Family Bridge" was dedicated. It crosses Raccoon Creek and KY 1441. This twin steel-box girder bridge is more than 1,200 ft (370 m) long and is the only example of its kind in Kentucky.[6] The girders were chosen because of the curvature within the bridge structure; each girder is completely hollow and it features a 10 ft (3.0 m). clearance on the interior.

On December 6, 2006, a segment of Corridor G opened from the KY 1426 intersection north of Pikeville east to the KY 194 (Johns Creek) interchange.[7] The last segment to open is from KY 194 north to Scott Fork. That segment was opened in March 2008.

West VirginiaEdit

The first segments of Corridor G to open was in 1972.[8] During that year, a Mingo County segment from Myrtle and Belo (MP 13) to the Logan County line near Holden opened. Segments of this were opened originally as a "super-two" since WV 65 was being destroyed; it was critical that the old roadway be removed before the highway was expanded to four-lanes.

Corridor G north of Logan, West Virginia.

In 1973, a lengthy segment opened to traffic from Godby Heights south of Chapmanville (MP 13) to MP 4 in Boone County.[8] This was followed a year later by a segment near Madison from MP 9.37 to MP 13 in Boone County. In 1975, the segment from MP 4 to MP 9.37 in Boone County was opened to traffic. At this time, the connection to Interstate 64 in Charleston also opened to traffic from Oakwood Road. This included the flyover ramp from US 119 to the Interstate 64 interchange.

In 1977, a Mingo County segment from Nolan (MP 7.45) at US 52 to Myrtle (MP 13) opened to traffic.[8]

The next segment to open would come in 1982,[8] when a Boone, Lincoln, and Kanawha County segment opened to traffic from Julian (MP 17) to the WV 601 interchange in South Charleston (MP 11). The segment between the WV 601 interchange to Oakwood Road in Charleston would be completed in 1986;[8] it formerly utilized Oakhurst and Oakwood Roads.

In 1989,[8] a segment from MP 13 to Julian (MP 17) in Boone County opened. In 1992, a new Tug Fork crossing at Williamson was completed. Formerly, Corridor G traffic from Kentucky had to cross into downtown Williamson and pick up US 119 into West Virginia.

The last segment of Corridor G in West Virginia to be completed was from the Tug Fork crossing at Williamson north to US 52 near Nolan. This nine-mile (14 km) segment was completed in 1997.[8]

Major intersectionsEdit

KentuckyBellPineville0.0000.000   US 25E (Wilderness Road) – Union CollegeSouthern terminus; serves Pineville Community Hospital
Cumberland River0.014–
Joan Asher Cawood Bridge
East Pineville1.4962.408  KY 987 east (Edmus McGeorge Memorial Road)Western terminus of KY 987
Calvin5.0748.166  KY 1344 southNorthern terminus of KY 1344
7.79612.546  KY 987 eastSouth end of KY 987 overlap
7.93912.777  KY 987 west (Edmus McGeorge Memorial Road)North end of KY 987 overlap
10.40116.739  KY 3482 southNorthern terminus of KY 3482
10.65517.148  KY 2012 southNorthern terminus of KY 2012
13.94922.449  KY 72 eastWestern terminus of KY 72
Harlan19.70731.715  KY 2007 east – ColdironWestern terminus of KY 2007
20.05432.274  KY 3467 south (Old Pike Highway)Northern terminus of KY 3467
21.46234.540  KY 219 southNorthern terminus of KY 219
21.86035.180  KY 3461 southNorthern terminus of KY 3461
23.66738.088  KY 840 eastWestern terminus of KY 840
25.06940.345  KY 3451 southNorthern terminus of KY 3451
25.84841.598Dayhoit Drive (KY 3152 west)Eastern terminus of KY 3152
Keith25.95541.771KY 840 west – Camp BlantonSouth end of KY 840 overlap
26.03941.906  KY 840 east – LoyallNorth end of KY 840 overlap
27.36444.038  KY 3452 east (Four Mile Road)Western terminus of KY 3452
28.10545.231Four Mile Road (KY 3452 west)Eastern terminus of KY 3452
28.31545.569  KY 1084 west (Airport Road)Eastern terminus of KY 1084
28.49245.853  KY 3460 south (Sukey Ridge Road) / Lisenbee RoadNorthern terminus of KY 3460
Baxter29.09346.821  US 421 south – Harlan, Pennington GapSouth end of US 421 overlap
29.83248.010  US 421 north – HydenNorth end of US 421 overlap; to KY 413
Rosspoint31.61050.871  KY 522 northSouthern terminus of KY 522
37.80360.838  KY 2010 north – PutneySouthern terminus of KY 2010
Cumberland49.63679.881  KY 179 southNorthern terminus of KY 179
49.83080.194  KY 2179
50.75381.679  KY 160 – Cumberland, Beham, LynchInterchange via connector roads
51.61883.071  KY 1254 west (Kingdom Come Drive) – Kingdom Come State ParkEastern terminus of KY 1254
Letcher55.15088.755  KY 3073 northSouthern terminus of KY 3073
55.85789.893  KY 3403 southNorthern terminus of KY 3403
62.989101.371  KY 806 southNorthern terminus of KY 806
63.899102.835  KY 932 east – Bad Branch Falls State Nature PreserveWestern terminus of KY 932
69.184111.341  KY 2035 westEastern terminus of KY 2035
Whitesburg70.834113.996  KY 15 north – WhitesburgSouthern terminus of KY 15
KY 2034 Conn. west to KY 2034
Eastern terminus of KY 2034 Conn.
Mayking18.62329.971  KY 1862 – Mayking, Sergent, Thornton
75.318121.213  KY 3406 eastWestern terminus of KY 3406
76.464123.057  KY 805 east – Fleming-Neon, KonaWestern terminus of KY 805
79.544128.014  KY 3400 eastWestern terminus of KY 3400
Payne Gap80.831130.085  KY 3400 westEastern terminus of KY 3400
  US 23 south – Pound VA, Norton VAPartial interchange; south end of US 23 overlap
81.966131.911  KY 3086 eastWestern terminus of KY 3086
To KY 805 – Jenkins, Fleming-Neon
Interchange via connector road and northbound entrance ramp
Pike91.129146.658  KY 3527 northSouthern terminus of KY 3527
Dorton92.121148.254  KY 805 westEastern terminus of KY 805; to KY 610
95.757154.106  KY 611 southNorthern terminus of KY 611
99.577160.254  KY 1469 west – VirgieEastern terminus of KY 1469
KY 2167 south to KY 122 – Robinson Creek
Northern terminus of KY 2167
102.969165.71315  KY 3174 eastInterchange; western terminus of KY 3174; future US 460 east
   US 460 east (Shelbiana Road) / KY 80 eastInterchange; south end of US 460 / KY 80 overlap
110.726178.196  KY 1426 west (Island Creek Road)South end of KY 1426 overlap
110.848178.393  KY 3496 northAt-grade intersection; south end of freeway; southern terminus of KY 3496
23  KY 1426 east – Downtown PikevilleNorth end of KY 1426 overlap
112.131180.45724  KY 1384 – PikevilleNorth end of freeway
112.610181.228  KY 1460Partial interchange includes northbound entrance ramp
113.394182.490  KY 3495 southNorthern terminus of KY 3495
114.076183.588    US 23 north / US 460 / KY 80 west – PrestonsburgNorth end of US 23/US 460/KY 80 overlap
116.748187.888  KY 1426 westSouth end of KY 1426 overlap
  KY 1426 east – Zebulon, Burning ForkInterchange; north end of KY 1426 overlap
To KY 194 – Bent Branch, Phelps
123.843199.306  KY 1426 west (Bent Branch Road) – MetaInterchange
124.556200.453  KY 881 north – Brushy, VarneySouthern terminus of KY 881
127.473205.148  KY 3220 east – SidneyInterchange; western terminus of KY 3220
  KY 3220 west – Sidney, CanadaEastern terminus of KY 3220
Huddy132.796213.714  KY 199 south – Stone, McAndrewsNorthern terminus of KY 199
136.648219.914  KY 319 south / Coleman Road – Hardy, Toler, PhelpsNorthern terminus of KY 319
137.543221.354  KY 308 west (Forest Hills Road) / Redbud Lane – Forest HillsEastern terminus of KY 308
Goody138.669223.166  KY 292 south – AflexSouth end of KY 292 overlap
139.053223.7842nd Avenue (KY 1506 north)Southern terminus of KY 1506
South Williamson139.445224.415  KY 292 north (Second Street) / Harvey Street (US 119 Spur east) – Warfield, Williamson WV, Coal HouseNorth end of KY 292 overlap; southern terminus of US 119 Spur
Tug Fork139.797
USAF General Robert H. Foglesong Bridge
KentuckyWest Virginia line
West VirginiaMingoWilliamson0.070.11  US 52 south – Williamson, WelchSouth end of US 52 overlap
Tug Fork1.01.6Thomas H. Farley Bridge
West Virginia–Kentucky line
To KY 292
Tug Fork1.21.9Joe Curtis "Joey" Dingis Memorial Bridge
Kentucky–West Virginia line
West VirginiaMingo1.42.3  Fairview Addition Road (CR 15)
1.82.9  CR 14 – Chattaroy
Tug Fork2.03.2CBM Howard W. Bannister Memorial Bridge
West Virginia–Kentucky line
KentuckyPike2.2[a]3.5  KY 292Interchange via connector road
Tug Fork2.84.5U.S. Navy GMGC Bobby Lee Jarrell Memorial Bridge
Kentucky–West Virginia line
West VirginiaMingoBorderland3.04.8  Victory Lane (CR 1198)
Nolan4.77.6  Nolan Street (CR 5219)To Nolan Toll Bridge
6.410.3  US 52 north – HuntingtonNorth end of US 52 overlap
10.817.4  WV 65 north – NaugatuckSouth end of WV 65 overlap
Belo11.318.2  WV 65 south – Delbarton, Matewannorth end of WV 65 overlap
LoganHolden22.736.5  Holden Road (CR 18)Former US 119 north
23.738.1  Copperas Fork RoadInterchange via connector road
WV 73 east to WV 10 – Logan
Interchange; western terminus of WV 73
Chapmanville35.957.8  WV 10 – ChapmanvilleInterchange
BooneDanville50.681.4  Riverside Drive (CR 858) – Danville, Madison
  WV 85 south – Danville, MadisonPartial interchange via southbound entrance ramp and connector road
Rock Creek52.083.7   WV 3 east / Skeens Drive (CR 11965) – RacineSouth end of WV 3 overlap
57.292.1  WV 3 west – Julian, HamlinNorth end of WV 3 overlap
Little Coal RiverChief Master Sergeant George Wallace Hedrick, Jr. Bridge
Starlight Road (CR 1196) / Yeager Highway to WV 214 – Yawkey, Hamlin, Alum Creek
Little Coal RiverSgt. James Allen May Memorial Bridge
KanawhaSouth Charleston71.3114.7  Childress Road (CR 21410)
WV 214 south to Willow Drive (CR 1314)
Ruth Road (WV 214 north) to CR 112
WV 214 south to Green Road (CR 2148)
  WV 214 north to Terry Road
75.4121.3  WV 601 / Davis Creek Road (CR 20) – South CharlestonInterchange; access to Davis Creek Rd. via Oakhurst Drive (WV 214 south); northern terminus of WV 214
77.7125.0  Oakwood Road (CR 1310) – Kanawha State Forest
Cantley Drive / Fort Hill Drive
To WV 61 (MacCorkle Avenue)
Northbound signage; interchange
Southbound signage; at-grade intersection
  I-64 west – HuntingtonLeft exits and entrances; south end of I-64 overlap; I-64 exit 58A
79.2127.5Eugene A. Carter Memorial Bridge over the Kanawha River
I-64 to I-77 / I-79 – Parkersburg, Beckley
North end of I-64 overlap; northbound left exit and southbound left entrance; I-64 exit 58B
Kanawha BoulevardInterchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
West end of frontage roads for I-64 (exit 58C to 59) and I-77 (exit 101)
79.6128.1  US 60 east (Lee Street)One-way couplet
79.7128.3  US 60 west (Washington Street)
Bigley Avenue (US 119 south) to I-64
Frontage Road turnaround; northbound left exit and southbound left entrance
East end of frontage roads for I-64 (exit 58C to 59) and I-77 (exit 101)
Mink Shoals83.7–
  I-79 – Charleston, ClarksburgI-79 exit 1
WV 114 to I-79 – Yeager Airport
Frame Road (CR 43) to I-79
Clendenin100.4161.6  WV 4 east – ClayWestern terminus of WV 4
101.3163.0  Thorofare Road (CR 59)
To I-79 – Charleston, Clarksburg
I-79 exit 19
RoaneCotton105.6169.9  Amma Road (CR 23)
128.3206.5  WV 36 (Clay Road) – ClayNorthern terminus of WV 36
Spencer129.0207.6  US 33 west – RipleySouth end of US 33 overlap
CalhounLiberty Hill140.4226.0  Cabin Run (CR 22)
142.1228.7  Adams Altizer Road (CR 18)
WV 16 south to I-79 – Clay
South end of WV 16 overlap
Millstone145.0233.4  WV 16 north – GrantsvilleNorth end of WV 16 overlap
Gilmer152.6245.6  Russett Road (CR 7) – Grantsville
155.4250.1  CR 23
Normantown158.0254.3  Gassaway Road (CR 19)
164.6264.9  Cedar Creek Road (CR 17)
Glenville168.2270.7  WV 5 westSouth end of WV 5 overlap
169.3272.5  WV 5 east – BurnsvilleNorth end of WV 5 overlap
171.1275.4  CR 1
176.5284.0  Ellis Road (CR 26)
Linn178.3286.9  WV 47 west – Burnt HouseEastern terminus of WV 47
LewisCamden189.4304.8  Churchville Road (CR 9)
Weston194.3312.7  Geelick Road (CR 11915)
US 19 south (Main Avenue south) / US 119 north (Second Street east) to US 19 north
One-way street; south end of US 19 overlap
195.6314.8  US 19 (Center Avenue)One-way street, inbound access only
195.7314.9  US 19 north (Main Avenue north) – Jackson's MillAccess to and from southbound US 119 only
195.8315.1  US 19 / Center Avenue north – Mountaineer Military MuseumNorth end of US 19 overlap
I-79 / US 48 ends – Charleston, Clarksburg
I-79 exit 99; south end of US 48 overlap; western terminus of US 48
201.2323.8  Georgetown Road (CR 15)
UpshurBuckhannon209.9337.8  CR 12 (Main Street)Interchange; northbound exit only
   US 33 east (US 48 east) / WV 20 south – Elkins, BuckhannonInterchange; north end of US 33/US 48 overlap; south end of WV 20 overlap
216.9349.1  WV 20 north (Clarksburg Road) – ClarksburgNorth end of WV 20 overlap
Barbour220.0354.1  Audra Park Road (CR 11) – Audra State Park
WV 57 west to I-79 – Clarksburg
Eastern terminus of WV 57
US 250 Truck south (Blue and Gray Expressway) – Elkins
South end of US 250 Truck overlap
US 250 south (Phillipi Covered Bridge) / US 250 Truck ends – Elkins
North end of US 250 Truck overlap; south end of US 250 overlap; northern terminus of US 250 Truck
232.4374.0  CR 22
Corder Crossing233.7376.1  WV 76 west (Galloway Road) – GallowayEastern terminus of WV 76
Taylor240.7387.4  Simpson Road (CR 13)
242.9390.9  US 250 north (Trap Springs Road) – FairmontNorth end of US 250 overlap
Grafton247.0397.5  US 50 / Blueville Drive
Monongalia259.8418.1   Gladesville Road (CR 11913) / Halleck Triune Road (CR 83)
264.9426.3  Goshen Road (CR 77)
I-68 to I-79 – Cumberland MD, Fairmont
I-68 exit 1
269.0432.9  Smithtown Road (CR 73 south)Northern terminus of CR 73
269.1433.1  Green Bag Road (CR 857 north)Southern terminus of CR 857
Morgantown271.0436.1   US 19 south (Joseph C. Bartolo Memorial Bridge) / WV 7 – WestoverSouth end of US 19/WV 7 overlap; US 19 south provides access to I-79
271.3436.6   US 19 north / WV 7 west (University Avenue north)North end of US 19 overlap; access to and from southbound US 119 only
271.3436.6  WV 7 (Walnut Street)North end of WV 7 overlap
273.2439.7  WV 705 westRoundabout; eastern terminus of WV 705
273.9440.8  CR 857 south (Airport Boulevard  )South end of CR 857 overlap
Easton Mill Road (CR 11917) / CR 857 north to I-68
North end of CR 857 overlap
Jaco275.7443.7  CR 67
277.1445.9  Bakers Ridge Road (CR 60)
West VirginiaPennsylvania line
PennsylvaniaFayettePoint Marion1.82.9  PA 88 north – Monongahela, PittsburghSouthern terminus of PA 88
Springhill Township2.03.2  PA 166 north – New GenevaSouthern terminus of PA 166
South Union Township15.224.5Georges Fairchance Road (PA 857 south)Northern terminus of PA 857
  PA 43 south (Turnpike) – Smithfield, MorgantownSouth end of freeway section; south end of PA 43 overlap
15.424.8  US 40 east – HopwoodSouth end of US 40 overlap; southbound entrance via Morgantown Road
Walnut Hill Road
17.428.0  PA 21 (McClellandtown Road)
North Union Township18.329.5  
US 40 west (Main Street west) / US 40 Bus. (Main Street east)
North end of US 40 overlap
19.230.9  PA Turnpike 43 north – Brownsville, PittsburghStack interchange; north end of PA 43 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance; E-ZPass or toll-by-plate
  PA 51 (Pittsburgh Street)
  PA Turnpike 43 north – Brownsville, PittsburghStack interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance; E-ZPass or toll-by-plate
Gallatin Avenue
Connellsville StreetNorth end of freeway
Connellsville30.248.6   PA 711 north (Crawford Avenue) / PA 201 (Vanderbilt Road)
PA 711 Truck begins
South end of PA 711 Truck overlap
PA 711 Truck north
South end of PA 711 Truck overlap
Bullskin Township33.754.2  PA 982 north (Pleasant Valley Road) – Laurelville, DonegalSouthern terminus of PA 982
EversonTrumpet interchange
WestmorelandEast Huntingdon Township38.562.0  PA 819 – ScottdaleInterchange
Quarry StreetAt-grade intersection; south end of freeway
Mt. Pleasant40.765.5  PA 31 – Ruffs Dale, Mt. Pleasant
East Huntingdon TownshipWest Tech Drive
Hempfield TownshipTechnology Drive
New Stanton46.174.21B  PA Turnpike 66 north – Delmont
    I-70 / I-76 / Penna Turnpike – New Stanton
North end of freeway; southern terminus of Turnpike 66; I-76/Penna. Tpke. exit 75 (New Stanton); Turnpike 66 exit 0B; E-ZPass or toll-by-plate on Penna. Tpke.
South Greensburg50.080.5  PA 819 south (Huff Avenue)South end of PA 819 overlap
Southwest Greensburg50.981.9  US 30 – Pittsburgh
PA 66 Bus. begins
Interchange; south end of PA 66 Bus. overlap
Greensburg52.584.5   PA 130 (W. Pittsburgh Street) / US 119 north (E. Pittsburgh Street)One-way street, inbound access only from PA 130; south end of PA 130 overlap; former US 30
PA 130 west / PA 66 Bus. north (Main Street north)
North end of PA 66 Bus. overlap; access to/from southbound lanes only
52.684.7  PA 130 east (Pittsburgh Street east)One-way street, outbound access only; former US 30 east
52.6584.73  PA 130 (Otterman Street)North end of PA 130 overlap; former US 30
52.784.8  PA 819 north (Harvey Avenue)North end of PA 819 overlap
Salem Township61.498.8  US 22 west (William Penn Highway) – DelmontSouth end of US 22 overlap
New Alexandria62.4100.4  PA 981 (Latrobe New Alexandria Road) – Latrobe, Saltsburg
Derry Township66.9107.7  PA 982 south – DerryNorthern terminus of PA 982
Conemaugh RiverBridge
IndianaBlairsville71.2114.6  PA 217 – BlairsvilleInterchange
Burrell Township73.9118.9  US 22 east – EbensburgInterchange, north end of US 22 overlap
White Township81.7131.5  PA 56 east – Armagh, JohnstownSouth end of PA 56 overlap
US 422 Bus. west (Wayne Avenue) – IUP / KCAC
South end of freeway; south end of US 422 Bus. overlap
US 422 east / US 422 Bus. ends – Ebensburg
Eastern terminus of US 422 Bus.; north end of US 422 Bus. overlap; US 422 exits A-B
B   US 422 west / PA 56 west (PA 286 Truck west) – KittanningNorth end of PA 56 overlap; south end of PA 286 Truck overlap; US 422 exits A-B
PA 286 Truck east to PA 286 – Clymer, Indiana
North end of PA 286 Truck overlap; access to Indiana County–Jimmy Stewart Airport
  PA 110 west – CreeksideNorth end of freeway; eastern terminus of PA 110
Rayne Township97.4156.8  PA 85 west – PlumvilleEastern terminus of PA 85
Marion Center  PA 403 south – Marion CenterNorthern terminus of PA 403
North Mahoning Township111.5179.4  PA 210 south – Trade City, Smicksburg, PlumvilleNorthern terminus of PA 210
JeffersonYoung Township113.1182.0  
PA 436 north to PA 36 north – Brookville
Southern terminus of PA 436
Punxsutawney115.0185.1  PA 36 west (Mahoning Street west) – BrookvilleSouth end of PA 36 overlap
115.3185.6  PA 36 east (Mahoning Street east) – McGees MillsNorth end of PA 36 overlap
115.8186.4  PA 310 north – ReynoldsvilleSouthern terminus of PA 310
Henderson Township123.7199.1  PA 410 east – Troutville, LuthersburgWestern terminus of PA 410
ClearfieldSandy Township131.8212.1  US 322 (Behringer Highway) – Brookville, Clearfield
132.9213.9  US 219 (Watson Highway) – DuBois, EbensburgNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  1. ^ a b This stretch of highway is under West Virginia maintenance even on the Kentucky side

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