Type 77 heavy machine gun

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The Type 77 heavy machine gun is described as China’s first generation designed 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.[1]

Type 77
SSG R8B7698-1200.jpg
Type 77 heavy machine gun used and mounted on M113A2 armoured personnel carrier by Pakistani Special Service Group (SSG) soldier.
TypeHeavy machine gun
Place of originChina
Production history
Mass28 kg (61.73 lb) (gun only)
28.3 kg (62.39 lb) (tripod)
Length2,150 mm (84.6 in)
Barrel length1,016 mm (40.0 in)

Rate of fire650-700 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity825 m/s
Feed systembelt 60 rounds

During the mid-1970s, China decided to develop a lighter 12.7 mm machine gun to replace the Type 54 (indigenous DShK) that was more suited for mobile anti-aircraft applications. The weapon was adopted in 1977 and mass production commenced in 1980. To save weight the Type 77 used a direct gas impingement operated action, somewhat unusual for a machine gun, resulting in few moving parts and a long and slim, tubular receiver. Overall weight of the gun and tripod comes to about 56 kg (120 lb), less than half that of a mounted Type 54/DShK, though it retains the same locking system and belt feed. The barrel is also thinner as light weight was favored over volume of fire, which causes it to overheat faster, with a prominent "pepperpot" muzzle brake. It has iron sights and a mount for a low-magnification optical sight suitable for engaging ground and air targets. The gun also has a large charging handle below the receiver, shoulder stock, and fires from an open bolt.[2][3]

Type 85 heavy machine gunEdit

Just five years after the Type 77 entered service, it was replaced in production by the updated Type 85 heavy machine gun. An evolution on the Type 77, it used a more conventional muzzle brake and replaced the spade grips and separate cocking handle with horizontal grips and a sliding trigger unit, the entirety of which is moved forward and back to cock the gun. The gun and tripod were also lighter, weighing 24 kg (53 lb) and 17.5 kg (39 lb) respectively. Both weapons can be mounted on vehicles.[2][3]


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