Two Tricky

Two Tricky is a boy band from Iceland, consisting of members Kristján Gíslason and Gunnar Ólason. They represented their country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with the song "Angel", a favourite amongst the fans of the Eurovision but which failed to place with the top 10. It received only 3 points (1 point from Norway and 2 points from Denmark) and the contest was hosted in Copenhagen. The song placed in the 23rd place along with Norway, who received 3 points from Portugal.

Gunnar Ólason from Two Tricky once again represented Iceland as part of Sigurjón's Friends in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany. It qualified from the semi-final and received 61 points in the final, placing 20th in a field of 25.


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Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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