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Two Fingers Brewing Co. is a craft beer brand and social enterprise, which gives all profits to the charity Prostate Cancer UK. Two Fingers Brewing Co. is based in Farringdon, London.[1]


Two Fingers Brewing Co. was founded by seven friends, who met whilst working at an advertising agency in London.[2]

In 2012, several of their colleagues were affected by prostate cancer and they were shocked to learn that prostate cancer kills roughly as many men as breast cancer does women,[3] despite awareness and funding of it being significantly lower.[4][5]

Around this time, the company where they worked was moving to a new building with its own bar, so they came up with the idea to produce their own craft beer to sell within it – and realised the opportunity for that beer to give back to the men that drank it, by donating all its profits to prostate cancer charities.[6]

After a positive response to a small batch of beer sold to family and friends, the friends decided to launch the brand nationally. So they spent 2013 building a supply chain of partners who all agreed to work at, near or below cost in support of the cause, as well as forming an official partnership with Prostate Cancer UK.[2]

Two Fingers Brewing Co.'s first beer, Aurelio, went on sale to the public in January 2014. Notable retailers have included Tesco, Ocado, Morrisons, Jamie’s Italian, and Club Gascon, the Michelin-starred restaurant.[6]


Two Fingers Brewing Co. currently sells one beer, called Aurelio, but have stated ambitions to expand their range, giving each beer a man’s name that describes the characteristics of the drink. Aurelio is a Latin man’s name meaning golden, due to that beer being a golden ale.[7]

Aurelio is a 4.8% alcohol by volume golden ale, brewed with pale ale malt, crystal malt, goldings and admiral hops. Aurelio is brewed and bottled at cost for Two Fingers Brewing Co. by Hepworth & Co, the Sussex-based craft brewer.[2]

Design and brandingEdit

Two Fingers Brewing Co.’s logo features a hand pointing with two fingers, which is designed to represent an oath to better beer, in reference to the brand's commitment to great beer for a great cause, as well as a two-fingered salute to prostate cancer.[8] The hand points into a black hole, in an irreverent reference to the digital rectal examination for prostate cancer, although this is performed with one finger instead of two.[7]

Awards and honoursEdit

- Best Craft Beer Innovation, International Beer Awards, 2014[9]

- Selected as Official Beer of the 2014 Empire Awards[10]

- Contribution to the Community Award, Nectar Business Small Business Awards, 2014[11]

- Named one of the UK’s 100 most resourceful, inspiring and disruptive small businesses in the Smarta 100 Awards, 2014[12]

- Winner of a Business in the Community arc contest to win a London Underground advertising poster campaign, with an audience reach of over 2 million people and over 19 million opportunities to see[13]

- Selected to run a pop up bar in Downing Street for a special Christmas market in honour of the UK's second Small Business Saturday, in December 2014[14]

- Startup of the year 2014, The Guardian Small Business Showcase[10]

- Winner of the UK Final of The Venture, Chivas Regal’s contest to find and celebrate the world's most innovative social enterprises[15]


Two Fingers Brewing Co. works with a network of partners in order to run its social enterprise.[2] By role, these partners include:

- The UK's largest men's health charity,[16] Prostate Cancer UK[17]

- Sussex craft brewery Hepworth & Co.[2]

- Marston's for storage and distribution [2]

- Chesapeake for label printing,[2] who have since merged to become Multi Packaging Solutions [18]

- Sales support from Cube Business Services [2]

- Insurance brokerage from Sutton Winson [2]

- PR by Persuasion [2]

- Corporate legal advice from Brabners[17]

- Electronic Data Interchange support from GXS,[2] who have since merged to become OpenText[19]

- Social enterprise support from the Business in the Community arc scheme [13]


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