Two Boats, Ascension Island

Two Boats is a village at the foot of Green Mountain, Ascension Island, about 3 miles from Wideawake Airfield. It has a population of about 120 and is residential in nature. Two Boats is also the site of the Two Boats Club (bar and snackbar with regular live music), a large fresh water swimming pool, children's playground, and Two Boats School, the island's only school. The two boats were originally placed to provide shade for Royal Marines transporting water in the 19th century.

Two Boats
Map of Ascension Island showing the village's location
Map of Ascension Island showing the village's location
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
British overseas territory Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
IslandAscension Island
 • Total120 (est.)
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
Two Boats Village is visible in the centre of the image, taken from atop Green Mountain.

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Coordinates: 7°56′13″S 14°21′50″W / 7.937°S 14.364°W / -7.937; -14.364