Turk (nickname)

Turk or The Turk is a nickname for:

  • Turk Broda (Walter Edward Broda, 1914–72), a Canadian hockey player
  • Turk Edwards (Albert Glen Edwards, 1907–1973), American professional football player
  • Turk Lown (Omar Joseph Lown, 1924–2016), American baseball player
  • Turk McBride (Claude Maurice McBride, born 1985), American football player
  • Turk Murphy (Melvin Edward Alton Murphy, 1915–1987), trombonist and bandleader
  • Turk (rapper) (Tab Virgil Jr., born 1981), an American rapper
  • Carolina Duer (born 1978), known as "The Turk", Argentine world champion boxer
  • Gerard Gallant (born September 2, 1963), nicknamed “Turk”, Canadian ice hockey coach and former player
  • Derek Sanderson (born 1946), nicknamed "Turk", Canadian hockey player
  • Philippe Liégeois (born 1947), pen name "Turk", a Belgian comic book artist
  • Raymond Westerling (1919–87), nicknamed "The Turk", a Dutch officer who attempted a coup in Indonesia

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