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Tumen Border Bridge, in autumn
Tumen Border Bridge, from China in winter
Tumen Border Railway Bridge can be seen about 200 meters upstream from Tumen Border Bridge, in summer

The Tumen Border Bridge (Chinese: 图们国境大桥) is a bridge over the Tumen River, connecting Tumen City, Jilin Province, China, with Onsong County (Namyang), North Hamgyong Province, North Korea.[1] It was built in 1941 by the Japanese and is 515 metres long, 6 metres high, 6 metres wide. Tumen Border Post is located there. A little upstream from the bridge is Tumen Border Railway Bridge.

During the Korean War, it was one of the border posts from which the Chinese People's Volunteer Army entered North Korea.[2]

A parallel, larger bridge is under construction since 2016, but is still far from completion.[3]

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Coordinates: 42°57′17″N 129°51′01″E / 42.9548°N 129.8502°E / 42.9548; 129.8502