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Hunchun Quanhe Tumen River Bridge, from a roadside park on the Chinese side

The Tumen River Bridge (Chinese: 图们江大桥) is a bridge over the Tumen River, connecting Hunchun City, Jilin Province, China, with Undok County, North Hamgyong Province, North Korea. It was built in 1938 by the Japanese Empire and is 535.2 metres (1,756 ft) long and 6.6 metres (22 ft) wide.[1] It is located at Quanhe where the Quan River meets the Tumen River.

In February 1997, tourist access across the bridge was allowed.[2] A new bridge over the Tumen River is currently in the planning stage.[3]

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Coordinates: 42°34′04″N 130°31′21″E / 42.5678°N 130.5225°E / 42.5678; 130.5225