Tsuen Tea

The current Tsuen tea shop and teahouse, built in 1672
Lightly steamed sencha tea from Tsuen Tea.

Tsuen Tea is the oldest tea house in the world, founded in 1160 in Uji city, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. [1] From its start it has been located on the east side of the Uji Bridge (constructed in 646) and today it is operated by the 24th generation of the Tsuen family.[2] From archives it is known that the shop was visited by prominent Japanese men including [3]

The main products are:[4]

  • matcha - ground green tea
  • gyokuro - shaded green tea
  • sencha - whole tea leaves infused in hot water
  • karigane - contains also twigs of the tea tree
  • hōjicha - roasted green tea
  • genmaicha - mixed low - level green tea and roasted brown rice.

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