Tshala Muana

Élisabeth Tshala Muana Muidikay, alias Tshala Muana, (Lubumbashi, May 13, 1958) is a singer and dancer from Congo-Kinshasa. She started her artistic career as a dancer for the musical band Tsheke Tsheke Love in 1977. She is famous for several songs such as Karibu Yangu. She has won several awards on the national, continental and global scene. She has never been married, Her being the wife of Claude Mashala is not accurate as he is married legitimately to another woman in 1989 with who he shares 5 children.

Tshala Muana
Birth nameÉlisabeth Tshala Muana Muidikay
BornMay 13, 1958
Élisabethville, Belgian Congo
GenresSoukous, Congolese rumba, Afrobeat
Years activePresent
LabelsCharly Records, Shanachie Records, Celluloid Records


Tshala Muana, the second of ten siblings, is the daughter of Amadeus Muidikayi, a soldier, and Alphonsine Bambiwa Tumba, a housewife.

In 1964, barely six years old, she lost her father, murdered in Watsha by the Ulelist maquis during the Katanga war. She was raised by her mother, who died in 2005.

She has never been married before. She dated a politician who is a married man in the year 2000’s and she has marketed him as her husband ever since.

On June 7, 2020, she gave sign of life after rumours of her death were spread.[1] Since May 2020, Tshala Muana has been suffering of a stroke and is heavily sick.



  • 1983: Tshala Muana à Paris [volumes 1 to 4]
  • 1984: Tshala Muana
  • 1985: M'Pokolo
  • 1985: Kami
  • 1988: Nasi Nabali
  • 1988: La Divine
  • 1988: Biduaya
  • 1989: Munanga
  • 1990: Tshibola
  • 1990: Mady
  • 1990: Tshala Muana Dans Un Duo Pour L'Éternité With Papa Wemba
  • 1991: The Flying Star
  • 1994: Ntambue
  • 1996: Mutuashi
  • 1999: Pika Pende
  • 2003: Malu
  • 2004: Mbombo
  • 2009: Sikila
  • 2016: Lunzenze

Singles and EPsEdit

  • 1981: Amina / Tshebele
  • 1987: Antidote
  • 1988: Karibu Yangu


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