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Triangle Service is a small Japanese video game developer. They develop games in the shoot 'em up genre (known as STG in Japan). It was founded by programmer Toshiaki Fujino in 2002.[1]

Triangle Service
Kabushiki gaisha
IndustryVideo games
FoundedOctober 17, 2002
Key people
Toshiaki Fujino (founder)
ProductsXII Stag, Trizeal


Fujino had previously been a programmer of Konami Computer Entertainment Japan East and the defunct Oriental Soft Japan. Fujino began independent development in 2001 before founding his own studio in 2002, named Triangle Service.

Games developedEdit

Arcade GamesEdit

Game Year Hardware Publisher(s)
XII Stag 2002 Taito G-NET Triangle Service
Trizeal 2004 Sega NAOMI Triangle Service
Shooting Love. 2007a 2007 Sega NAOMI Triangle Service
Pengo! 2010 Sega RingWide Sega
Ga-Sen Love Plus Pengo! 2012 Sega RingEdge 2 Triangle Service

Console GamesEdit

Game Year System Publisher(s) JP NA EU
XII Stag 2002 PlayStation 2 Taito Corporation (JP)
505 Game Street (EU)
Yes No Yes
Trizeal 2005 Sega Dreamcast Triangle Service Yes No No
Shooting Love: Trizeal 2006 PlayStation 2 Datam Polystar Yes No No
Shooting Love, 200Xc 2009 (JP)
2015 (NA & EU)
Xbox 360 Triangle Service Yes Yesb Yesb
Shooting Love 10th Anniversary XIIZEAL & ΔZEALc 2013 Xbox 360 5pb. Yes No No
Shooting Love. Collectionc 2014 Xbox 360 Triangle Service Yes No No
Ga-Sen Love Plus Pengo!c 2015 Xbox 360 Triangle Service Yes No No
XIIZEAL 2015 PC Degica Yes Yes Yes
ΔZEAL 2015 PC Degica Yes Yes Yes
Shmups Skill Test 2016 PC Degica Yes Yes Yes
Minus Zero 2016 PC Degica Yes Yes Yes
TRIZEAL Remix 2016 PC Degica Yes Yes Yes
EXZEAL 2016 PC Degica Yes Yes Yes
GyroShooter 2018 PC Triangle Service Yes Yes Yes
Shooting Love. Trilogy[2] TBA Xbox One Triangle Service Yes TBA TBA
Arcade Love Plus Pengo!c[3] August 22, 2019 Nintendo Switch mebius. Yes TBA TBA

^a Contains Exzeal and Shmups Skill Test
^b Only available via Games on Demand
^c Compilation release


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