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The Triangle Network (formally known as the Triangle Arts Trust) is an international arts organization that brings together artists from different countries to explore new ideas and expand the boundaries of their practice. Triangle was initiated through a series of artists' workshops providing an uninterrupted period of two weeks where 20–25 artists from diverse cultural backgrounds engage with each other, to explore new ideas and expand the boundaries of their practice. Now the Triangle Network coalesces grassroots arts organisations around the world (many of which were initiated as workshops while others grew independently), so that artists' mobility, international cultural exchange and capacity building objectives can be shared.

The Triangle Network is registered as a charitable organization in the UK.[1]


The Triangle Network was established in 1982 by Robert Loder and Anthony Caro, and is organised as a network of artists, visual art organisations, and artists-led workshops. It currently is active in over 30 countries. Each centre within the Network is independent and set up to respond to local needs. The object of the workshops is "to counterbalance the tendency of the Western art world to put the emphasis on the object and its marketing rather than on the creative process itself". [2]

David Elliott was appointed to chair the board, succeeding Robert Loder who retired in 2009. Loder remained a trustee of the organization until 2012.[3]

Organisations and Workshops associated with the Triangle NetworkEdit


  • Braziers workshop, UK
  • The Cornelius Arts Foundation, France
  • Cyfuniad workshop, UK
  • Gasworks Gallery, UK
  • HANGAR, Portugal
  • Pamoja workshop, UK
  • Shave workshop, UK
  • Northings, Tanera Mor, Scotland[4]
  • Triangle Barcelona workshop, Spain
  • Triangle France, France

Middle EastEdit


Asia and AustraliaEdit


  • Triangle NYC, New York City


South AmericaEdit


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