Traostalos is the archaeological site of a Minoan peak sanctuary in eastern Crete.

Highest point
Elevation515 m (1,690 ft)[1]
Range coordinates35°07′35″N 26°16′02″E / 35.12651°N 26.26720°E / 35.12651; 26.26720

Archaeology edit

Traostalos was first excavated in 1963-1964 under Kostis Davaras. Davaras returned in 1978 to continue that work. A rescue excavation from April to October 1995 was led by Stella Chryssoulaki.

Along with the usual clay human and animal figurines common to peak sanctuaries, Traostalos has, notably, a female figure with a swollen leg. Other finds at Traostalos include ceramic boats and stone altars. See references for a more complete inventory.

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