Train 20

Train 20 is a proposed Higher-speed rail, long distance electric multiple unit which will be designed to replace the Rajdhani Express fleet of the Indian Railways. These sets will be made up of aluminium and except this, it will be based on Train 18 (Vande Bharat). Train 20 will be used for long distances. It will have an expected top speed of 200 km/h. The name is based on its year of launch - 2020.

Train 20
ManufacturerIntegral Coach Factory
Built atIntegral Coach Factory, Chennai
ReplacedRajdhani Express, LHB coaches
Constructedest. 2020
Operator(s)Indian Railways
Car body constructionAluminium
Maximum speed200 kilometres per hour (120 mph)[1]
Acceleration0.8 metres per second squared (2.6 ft/s2)[2]
Power supply25 kV 50 Hz AC
BogiesFIAT modified
Braking system(s)Train brakes: Air, Regenerative braking
Coupling systemCBC
Track gauge1676 mm broad gauge
(Indian gauge)

Status updatesEdit

  • Nov 2018: Train 18 has been rolled out, now ICF has focussed on procuring components for the Train 20.
  • Dec 2018: Train-20 will be launched in year 2020.[3]


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