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Trafford General Hospital

Coordinates: 53°27′15″N 2°22′14″W / 53.45406°N 2.37068°W / 53.45406; -2.37068

Trafford General Hospital

Trafford General Hospital was a district general hospital in Davyhulme, providing services to a population of over 200,000 in the borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester. the buildings are on Moorside Road, Davyhulme, Urmston in one half of what was Davyhulme Park – the parkland of Davyhulme Hall. It employed just under 1,450 staff and had a strong network of volunteers. Trafford Hospitals became a part of Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on 1 April 2012. It is now the site of the Manchester Orthopaedic Centre, which carries out planned Orthopaedic surgery for the trust.



1926 to 1988Edit

Originally named Davyhulme Park Hospital, it was established by the Barton-upon-Irwell Union. Work began to build the hospital in 1926. When the Local Government Act of 1929 abolished the poor law unions, the hospital passed to Lancashire County Council. The hospital is regarded as the first National Health Service hospital. Known as Park Hospital, it was visited by Aneurin Bevan on 4 July 1948 at the start of the NHS.

Sylvia Diggory (née Beckingham), then 13, was the first NHS patient. Before she died, Sylvia said: "Mr Bevan asked me if I understood the significance of the occasion and told me that it was a milestone in history - the most civilised step any country had ever taken, and a day I would remember for the rest of my life - and of course, he was right."

In addition, English singer and lyricist Morrissey was born here on 22 May 1959. Also Nigel Twist, drummer for Welsh band The Alarm was born here 18 July 1958.

Since 1988Edit

It was renamed Trafford General Hospital in 1988 and controlled by Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust, from 1994 until 2012. It had 530 beds, 2,100 staff, treated 24,000 in-patients a year and 175,000 outpatient appointments. It was for many years the smallest NHS Trust. The maternity unit was closed in 2010.[1]

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