Tropico is a telenovela produced and filmed entirely in the Dominican Republic[3] by Venevisión International, Iguana Productions and Antena Latina. It is a remake of the 1997 Peruvian telenovela Escándalo.

DVD Cover
Created byPablo Vásquez
Directed byLuis Barrios
Miluska Rosas
Jorge Tapia
StarringScarlet Ortiz
Víctor González
José Guillermo Cortines
José Luis Rodríguez
Ivonne Veras-Goico
Opening theme"Juanita Bonita" by José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma"
Country of originVenezuela
Dominican Republic
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes100[1]
Executive producersJorge Felix
Margarita Morales Macedo
Production locationSanto Domingo
Running time45 mins
Production companiesVenevisión International
Iguana Productions
Antena Latina
Original release
NetworkVenevisión Plus
Antena 7
ReleaseJune 4 (2007-06-04) –
September 14, 2007 (2007-09-14)[2]

Most of the cast and crew are Dominicans, except Jose Luis Rodriguez and Scarlet Ortiz who are Venezuelans, Javier Delgiudice, Vanessa Jerí, Giovanna Valcárcel, William Bell-Taylor, and Amparo Brambilla who are from Peru; and Victor González and Juan Carlos Gonzales who are Mexican actors.



Set in the beautiful beaches of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, this melodrama revolves around the young, provincial Angelica Santos (Scarlet Ortiz) who works in the local tobacco hacienda "La Guzmana". Angelica leaves her home to get away from her unscrupulous aunt, and goes to Santo Domingo. Then she joins a beauty pageant sponsored by Guillermo Guzman and there she meets and falls in love with Antonio Guzman. Their love is quickly torn apart by Antonio's brother and Angelica's aunt, who conspire against them.

Angelica Santos is a really hard-working girl who had a really hard life. She works in a tobacco place and makes them and reads stories to her friends (co-workers) to encourage them. She is loved by everyone. She has a really mean aunt, who has a bar, and at night makes her work at the bar to serve beer for the people. The clients there are perverts and one night a man who tries to rape her. She escapes before he could do anything to her. She goes to the capital and meets a journalist who wants her to participate in the Queen of Caribbean contest, she accepts. Days later, she meets the love of her life Antonio Guzman a rich man whose father organized the contest and when they met he was helping carrying journals. He has a girlfriend. She thought he worked by carrying journals, but later finds out the truth and forgives him. They fall in love, Antonio breaks up with his girlfriend. Angelica wins Queen of Caribbean. After she won, her aunt blackmails her by telling her that she'll tell Antonio about her past and lie to him by telling him that she was a prostitute if she doesn't give her money. Angelica doesn't want to fall for it, so she makes a CD where she tells Antonio about her past. Everything gets erased on the CD while he was working on his computer and doesn't see it. He didn't care and told her that he doesn't care about anything on the CD which made Angelica so happy. On the day of their wedding, Angelica's aunt, Antonio's brother and the man who tried to rape her come and sabotaged the wedding, told Antonio about her past and lie by saying that she's a prostitute. Antonio doesn't believe Angelica and they break up. She is no longer queen and goes somewhere else and open a restaurant. She takes revenge on the man who tried to rape her and he goes to prison. Days after she goes back to the capital, Antonio is back with his ex-girlfriend. One day, he asks someone to fix the CD and he sees what was on it. He and Angelica become friends. he breaks up with his girlfriends. Angelica participates in the competition and win Queen of Caribbean. That night they get back together. Antonio and Agelica get married and in the end, she goes to her village with Antonio and tell them their story.



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