Malecon Center

The Malecon Center is a complex of skyscrapers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The complex was built in 2003.[2] The complex is divided into four towers: Malecon 1, Malecon 2, Malecon 3 and Hilton Santo Domingo. The three Malecon towers each with a height of 122.4 m (402 ft) are the second tallest buildings in the Dominican Republic. [3] Each Malecon tower has 31 floors and the Hilton Santo Domingo has 21 floors, for a total of 114 floors in the complex. The buildings were designed by the architecture firm Rodríguez Sandoval.

Malecon Center
Malecon Center.jpg
General information
TypeResidential, hotel, commercial
LocationSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic
Coordinates18°27′32.42″N 69°54′37.69″W / 18.4590056°N 69.9104694°W / 18.4590056; -69.9104694 (Malecon Center)Coordinates: 18°27′32.42″N 69°54′37.69″W / 18.4590056°N 69.9104694°W / 18.4590056; -69.9104694 (Malecon Center)
Completed2003 (towers)
2004 (hotel)
Roof122.4 m (401.6 ft) (each tower)
96 m (315.0 ft) (hotel)
Technical details
Floor count31 (each tower)
21 (hotel)
Floor area195,000 m2 (2,098,963 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect(s)Jesús Rodríguez Sandoval
DeveloperRodríguez Sandoval
Main contractorRodríguez Sandoval

The three Malecon towers, which were completed in 2003, are for residential use. The fourth tower in the complex, Hilton Santo Domingo,[4] is a hotel that was completed in 2004. Also included in the complex are a mall, movie theater and a casino. The complex is located near the shore and overlooks the Caribbean Sea.


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