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Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (TowerJazz) and its fully owned U.S. subsidiaries Jazz Semiconductor ,[4] and TowerJazz Texas [5] operate collectively under the brand name TowerJazz. TowerJazz manufactures integrated circuits offering a range of customizable analog specialty process technologies, including SiGe, BiCMOS, SOI ,[6] mixed-signal and RFCMOS, CMOS image sensors [7] ,[8] power management (BCD), and non-volatile memory (NVM) as well as MEMS capabilities. TowerJazz also owns 51% of TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co. (TPSCo) ,[9] an enterprise with Panasonic Corporation.

Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
Founded1993; 26 years ago (1993)
Key people
Russell Ellwanger[1] (CEO)
Amir Elstein[2] (Chairman)
RevenueIncreaseUS$ 1.3 billion (2018)[3]
SubsidiariesJazz Semiconductor



The company manufactures specialty analog integrated circuits for semiconductor companies such as: Avago Technologies, Fairchild Semiconductor ,[10] Intel ,[11] International Rectifier, Panasonic, RF Micro Devices, Samsung, Skyworks Solutions, Texas Instruments and Vishay – Siliconix. For global capacity assurance, TowerJazz operates seven manufacturing facilities: Fab 1 and Fab 2 (150mm and 200mm) located in Migdal Haemek, Israel, Fab 3 and Fab 9 (200mm) located in Newport Beach, California and in San Antonio, Texas and three additional fabs (two 200mm and one 300mm) through TPSCo located in the Hokuriku region of Japan. In addition, TowerJazz operates a worldwide design center in Netanya, Israel.

Tower Semiconductor (TowerJazz) is an Israeli public company that is traded on NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, both under the ticker TSEM and is included in the TA-100 Index and the TA BlueTech Index. In 2010, TowerJazz became the #1 specialty foundry by revenue, with 70% revenue growth year-over-year.[12]


Tower Semiconductor was founded in 1993, with the acquisition of National Semiconductor’s 150mm wafer fabrication facility. Tower became a public company in 1994 and shares are traded on NASDAQ (TSEM) and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TSEM). In January 2001, an adjacent facility (Fab 2) was constructed.

In September 2008, Tower acquired Jazz Semiconductor in a stock for stock transaction. In November 2009, the combined companies officially launched as TowerJazz. The merger provided several key benefits: increased global capacity, cross-selling opportunities among diverse customer bases of both companies, a more comprehensive product portfolio, and a stronger financial base.[citation needed]

In June 2011, TowerJazz acquired Micron Technology’s fabrication facility in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo, Japan. The acquisition nearly doubled TowerJazz’s 2010 internal manufacturing capacity and cost-effectively increased production by 60,000 wafers per month.

In April 2014, TowerJazz announced the successful transaction with Panasonic Corporation (First Section of TSE and NSE ticker: 6752) to form a newly established Japanese company, TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co. (TPSCo) for the manufacture of Panasonic and additional third party products. TowerJazz announced cessation of its Nishiwaki facility operations in the course of rationalizing and restructuring its manufacturing and business activities in Japan. This enables the company to reduce its annual fixed costs by approximately $130 million per annum.[citation needed]

In February 2016, TowerJazz announced the successful acquisition of an 8-inch wafer fabrication facility in San Antonio, Texas, United States from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc., the consideration, of $40 million was paid by approximately 3.3 million ordinary TowerJazz shares. This acquisition increased TowerJazz's production by 28,000 wafers per month.

Fabrication facilitiesEdit

Fab 1 6" Migdal Haemek, IsraelEdit

Fab 1, located in Migdal Haemek, Israel is a 150mm (wafer diameter) facility which was acquired from National Semiconductor in 1993 at the time of Tower Semiconductor’s founding. Since that time, Fab 1 has been significantly modernized and offers process geometries ranging from 1.0-micron to 0.35-micron including CMOS image sensors, embedded flash and mixed-signal technologies.

Fab 2 8" Migdal Haemek, IsraelEdit

Fab 2, a 200mm wafer facility was constructed in January 2001, adjacent to Fab 1 in Migdal Haemek, Israel and was designed to operate in geometries of 0.18-micron and below, using advanced CMOS technology.

Fab 3 8" Newport Beach, CAEdit

Fab 3, located in Newport Beach, California, United States was acquired by Tower when it merged with Jazz Technologies in 2008. Jazz Semiconductor was formed in 2002 and inherited the 200mm facility that was once operated by Rockwell Semiconductor. At Fab 3, Jazz established industry leading SiGe, BiCMOS and MEMS technologies and expanded upon its heritage for on-shore, specialized foundry services focused on the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Fab 9 8" San Antonio, TexasEdit

Fab 9, located in San Antonio, Texas, United States was acquired by Tower in 2016 from Maxim Integrated[13].

Additional fabs through TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co. (TPSCo)Edit

TPSCo is 51% owned by Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (NASDAQ: TSEM, TASE: TSEM) and 49% owned by Panasonic Corporation (NASDAQ ADS: PCRFY, TYO: 6752). TPSCo has three manufacturing facilities in Hokuriku, Japan (Uozu, Tonami, and Arai) which have been producing large scale integrated circuits for over 30 years. Areas of process technology focus include high dynamic range image sensors (CIS and CCD), integrated power devices (BCD, SOI and LDMOS) and high frequency silicon RFCMOS. TPSCo offers both IDMs and fabless companies over 120 qualified silicon process flows on 200mm and 300mm substrates from super micron to 45 nm, as well as internal back end processing, assembly and test services.[citation needed]

Process Technology OfferingsEdit

TowerJazz offers[14] a broad range of advanced analog process technologies.The Company’s specialty technology offerings include: SiGe BiCMOS and RF CMOS (SOI and bulk) for radio frequency (RF) and high performance analog (HPA) applications; CMOS image sensor (CIS); power management, including 700V BCD; CMOS; Mixed-Signal CMOS and MEMS capabilities. TowerJazz’s modular and customizable processes are available on either 150mm, 200mm or 300mm wafers in its seven world-class fabrication facilities, which have achieved quality certifications for environmental management, health & safety, information security, and automotive standards.

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