Tour of Fuzhou

Tour of Fuzhou is a men's one-day cycle race which takes place in China and was rated by the UCI as 2.1 (rated 2.2 until the 2016 edition)[1] and forms part of the UCI Asia Tour.[2]

Tour of Fuzhou
2016 Tour of Fuzhou.jpg
Race details
TypeStage race
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First edition2012 (2012)
Editions8 (as of 2019)
First winner Choi Ki Ho (HKG)
Most wins Rahim Emami (IRI) (3 times)
Most recent Artur Fedosseyev (KAZ)

Overall winnersEdit

Year Winner Team
2012   Choi Ki Ho Hong Kong National team
2013   Rahim Emami RTS–Santic Racing Team
2014   Samad Pourseyedi Tabriz Petrochemical Team
2015   Rahim Emami Pishgaman–Giant
2016   Rahim Emami Pishgaman–Giant
2017   Jai Hindley Mitchelton Scott
2018   Ilya Davidenok Beijing XDS–Innova Cycling Team
2019   Artur Fedosseyev Shenzhen Xidesheng Cycling Team


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