Tour de Borobudur

Tour de Borobudur (abbreviated TDB) is a cycling race, which is held annually in Central Java, Indonesia. The race has been held since 2000. It is an annual sport-cum-tourist event, and sharing social activities in which cyclists ride along a route that passes by tourist spots in Central Java such as Sam Poo Kong Temple in Semarang, Kreo Cave, Mount Merapi, and Lake Rawa Pening.[1]

Tour de Borobudur
Race details
RegionCentral Java, Indonesia
OrganiserCentral Java Provincial Government
First edition2000 (2000)
Editions17 (As of 2017)

The race is organized as three categories, namely A (200 km), B (100 km) and VVIP. The race starts at Semarang City Hall, and end point of all categories is at Borobudur Temple.[2][3]

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