Tour Hekla is a 220-meter (722 ft), 48-story skyscraper currently under construction in Puteaux, in the La Défense district of Paris, in France.[1][2][3] It was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. The building received its building permit in June 2016. Construction began in May 2018 for a delivery scheduled for early 2022[needs update]. When completed, it will be the second-tallest building in France, only surpassed in height by the Tour First, the tallest tower in the La Défense district. The cost of the project is estimated to be 248 million euros.

Tour Hekla Paris April 2022
The tower in April 2022
Hekla tower building site at La Défense in July 2018
Tour Hekla is located in Paris
Tour Hekla
Location within Paris
Tour Hekla is located in France
Tour Hekla
Tour Hekla (France)
General information
StatusUnder construction
LocationPuteaux, France
Coordinates48°53′20″N 2°14′07″E / 48.8889°N 2.2353°E / 48.8889; 2.2353Coordinates: 48°53′20″N 2°14′07″E / 48.8889°N 2.2353°E / 48.8889; 2.2353
Construction started2018
Height220 m
Technical details
Floor area76,000 m²


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