Totò Diabolicus

Totò Diabolicus is a 1962 Italian black comedy film directed by Steno. The film consists in a parody of Italian noir comic books (such as Diabolik and Satanik) and giallo,[1] and in it Totò plays six different characters.[2]

Totò Diabolicus
Totò Diabolicus.jpg
Directed bySteno
Written byVittorio Metz
Roberto Gianviti
Marcello Fondato
Giovanni Grimaldi
Bruno Corbucci
CinematographyEnzo Barboni
Music byPiero Piccioni
Distributed byTitanus
Release date
Running time
92 min


Baron Torrealta is mysteriously killed by a mysterious murderer, dressed in black, who call himself "Diabolicus". The police suspects that one of his relatives is guilty of murder because of the enormous legacy, but every time they are going to incarcerate someone, this one gets killed by Diabolicus.



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