Toshiba-Kongsberg scandal

The Toshiba-Kongsberg scandal was a Cold War controversy that arose when some member nations of the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (CoCom) illegally exported to the Soviet Union machine tools that could be used in combination with the Kongsberg numerical control (NC) devices made in Norway, in violation of the CoCom agreement.[1]


The machine tool that combined with the Norwegian numerical control (NC) device and was exported to the Soviet Union. (based on the Norwegian Police Service report.)

Year Kongsberg company The type of the NC device Machine tool manufacturers Country The number of the spindles of the simultaneous control Number At the carrying destination Usage
1974 CNC300 Sajo Sweden 3 1 Stankoimport(1) ?
1975–1976 CNC300 GSP France 5 23 Stankoimport(23) ?
1975–1976 CNC300 Forest France 4-5 9 Leningrad(4) Feather for turbines, Model propeller
Baltic shipyard(3) Screw
Kiev(2) Screw, Propeller feather
1977–1985 NC2000 Sheath West Germany 2 7 Leningrad(7) Atomic energy machinery
2 10 SUMY(4) Atomic energy machinery
?(1) ?
Volgodonsk(5) Atomic energy machinery
3 24 Volgodonsk(21) Atomic energy machinery
SUMY(2) ?
Leningrad(1) ?
5 5 Leningrad(3) Feather for turbines, Other Unknown
Volgodonsk(1) Atomic energy machinery
Kazan(1) ?
1979–1981 NC2000 Delice West Germany 2 12 Volgodonsk(8) Atomic energy machinery
Aleksin(4) ?
1981 NC2000 Donauwerk West Germany 3 2 ?(2) ?
4 2 ?(2) ?
1976–1985 NC2000 Innocenti Italy 3 25 Volgodonsk(25) Atomic energy machinery
1983–1984 NC2000 Forest France 5 10 Leningrad(9) Feather for turbines, Other Unknown
Sverdlovsk(1) Feather for turbines
? 3 Volgodonsk(3) Atomic energy machinery
1979–1984 NC2000 Toshiba Machine Japan 3 1 Volgodonsk(1) Atomic energy machinery
5 4 Baltic shipyard(4) Screw
9 4 Baltic shipyard(4) Screw
1980 NC2000 KTM United Kingdom 3 2 China(2) ?

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