Torneio Mercosul

Torneio Mercosul (English: Mercosur Tournament, Spanish: Torneo Mercosur) was an international football competition played in 1995 in Santa Catarina state, Brazil.[1]

The competition was considered at the time, by Santa Catarina press, as an embryo of Copa Mercosur. It was intended to have a second edition of Torneio Mercosul in 1996, but it never happened. The budget of the competition was US$ 400,000.00. CONMEBOL did not recognize this competition.

Invited teamsEdit

Club Country
Avaí   Brazil
Barcelona   Ecuador
C.A. Cerro   Uruguay
Coritiba   Brazil
Criciúma   Brazil
Estudiantes   Argentina
Figueirense   Brazil
Grêmio   Brazil
Internacional   Brazil
Joinville   Brazil
Juventude   Brazil
Marcílio Dias   Brazil
Nacional   Uruguay
Olimpia   Paraguay
Peñarol   Uruguay
Racing   Argentina

Barcelona, Estudiantes, Grêmio, Internacional, Juventude, Peñarol and Racing declined the invitation to play in the competition.

Organizers of the competitionEdit

The organizers of the competition were Centertur and Estratégia B.

Companies supporting Torneio MercosulEdit

  • Cecrisa, Construtora Caseca, Petrobras, and Sadia were the companies that supported the competition.


The first round was played in four playoff matches. Marcílio Dias got a bye in this round. In the second round, Marcílio Dias played against one of the first round qualified teams for a semifinal spot. The next round was the semifinal round, followed by the final.


First roundEdit

Home team Score Away team
Figueirense 2-2 (aet 1-0) Olimpia
Joinville 3-0 Coritiba
Avaí 4-2 Nacional
Criciúma 2-0 C.A. Cerro
Marcílio Dias bye -

Intermediate roundEdit

Home team Score Away team
Marcílio Dias 1-0 Criciúma


Home team Score Away team
Joinville 1-0 Avaí
Figueirense 1-0 Marcílio Dias


Home team Score Away team
Figueirense 0-0 (aet 1-0) Joinville
Torneio Mercosul
1995 Winners
First Title


Number of matches 8
Total goals 20
Average Goals per match 2.5 per match
Highest scoring match (6 goals) Avaí-Nacional 4-2
Highest score (3 goals) Joinville-Coritiba 3-0
Biggest attendance

Figueirense-Joinville 0-0 (aet 1-0) (5,271 people)

Biggest revenue

Figueirense-Joinville 0-0 (aet 1-0) (R$ 48,469.00)

Club with biggest revenue Figueirense (R$ 89,110.00)


The tournament was considered a failure. One of the reasons was that Centertur used a rubber check to pay the accommodations of Olimpia at Hotel Mariner Plaza in Itajaí. Also, many traditional teams declined to play the tournament, exhausting the competition before it started. The tournament was discontinued and three years later, the Copa Mercosur's first edition was played.

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