Torkhow valley

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Torkhow is a town and Tehsil (a subdivision) of Chitral District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Torkhow is located 108 km from the main city of Chitral, on the border of Wakhan valley of Afghanistan). Shagram is the administrative center of the Valley. A Higher Secondary school and Rural Health Center has been built here.[1] The language of Chitral, Khowar, originated from this area.[2] Most of the villages are situated on the right bank of Torkhow River, only Washich village is on the left bank.[3]

Torkhow is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 35°33′29″N 71°47′33″E / 35.55806°N 71.79250°E / 35.55806; 71.79250
Country Pakistan
2,707 m (8,881 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Villages in Torkhow Valley

  • 1. Istaru
  • 2. Werkhup
  • 3. Rayeen
  • 4. Melph
  • 5. Ghorda
  • 6. Sherjuli
  • 7. Shagram
  • 8. Khot
  • 9. Washich
  • 10. Ujnu
  • 11. Rech
  • 12. Buzund
  • 13. Zanglasht
  • 14. Shotkhar

Educational InstitutionsEdit

  • Islamia Model School Torkhow Rayeen Chitral
  • Government High School For Girls, Istaru Torkhow, Mastuj
  • Arif public school washich torkhow (School)
  • Aga Khan School, Buzund, in the Torkhow
  • Govt. higher secondary school Shagram Torkhow