Tomb of the People's Heroes, Zagreb

The Tomb of the People's Heroes (Croatian: Grobnica narodnih heroja) is located in Zagreb's central graveyard, Mirogoj. It was designed by the Croatian sculptor Đuro Kavurić and built in 1968. Buried in the tomb are not only the recipients of the Order of the People's Hero, but also some of the most notable workers' movement activists of Croatia and Yugoslavia.[1]

Tomb of the People's Heroes.
Right panel.
Left panel.

During the night of February 1, 2001, unknown group of vandals activated an explosive in front of the Tomb, which caused serious damage. Some Croatian officials strongly opposed this act of vandalism. The damage has been repaired.[2][3]

List of people buried in the tombEdit

Names written on the right panel
Names written on the left panel

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