Dobang (都房), also written as Tobang, was a Goryeo Dynasty private military unit that originated as the personal body guard for Gyeong Dae-seung (경대승). After the military revolt of the generals in 1170 during the reign of King Uijong of Goryeo, a series of generals culminating in the Choe military dictators, held the real power in Goryeo. In their first year, General Yi Go (이고) was murdered by General Yi Ui-Bang (이의방) who subsequently died at the hands of Jeong Gyun (정균). Jeong's father, Jeong Jung-bu (정중부).

Revised RomanizationDobang

Jeong Jung-bu next held sway for several years until he was overthrown by Gyeong Dae-seung.

Gyeong Dae-seung was the next to last general to seize power before the Choe family gained and consolidated military control for a longer period of time. Noting the great personal risk that had plagued the previous generals, Gyeong Dae-seung organized a personal bodyguard of 100 troops, known as the Dobang, which attended him at all times. The Dobang disbanded upon Gyeong Dae-seung's death but was reconstituted by Choe Chung-heon (최충헌) shortly after he came to power. Choe expanded the Dobang and divided it into six units (Yuk-beon 육번) which became known as the Yuk-beon Dobang (육번도방) This enabled a regular rotation of the guards. When Choe U (최우) came to power, his private army became known as the Inner Dobang (Nae Dobang, 내도방) and the Outer Tobang (Woe Dobang, 외도방).

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