To levende og en død (film)

To levende og en død is a 1937 Norwegian thriller film directed by Gyda Christensen and Tancred Ibsen and starring Hans Jacob Nilsen, Unni Torkildsen and Jan Vaage. It is based on the 1931 novel To levende og en død by Sigurd Christiansen. A post office worker is left wrestling with his conscience following a robbery at his workplace.

To levende og en død
Directed byGyda Christensen
Tancred Ibsen
Written bySigurd Christiansen (novel)
Tancred Ibsen
StarringHans Jacob Nilsen
Unni Torkildsen
Jan Vaage
Toralf Sandø
Music byCarsten Carlsen
CinematographyOlle Comstedt
Release date
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  • 6 September 1937 (1937-09-06)



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