Tlayucan is a 1962 Mexican comedy film directed by Luis Alcoriza and based on a novel by Jesús Murciélago Velázquez. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.[1]

Directed byLuis Alcoriza
Screenplay byLuis Alcoriza
Based onTlayucan
by Jesús Murciélago Velázquez
Produced byAntonio Matouk
StarringJulio Aldama
Norma Angélica Ladrón de Guevara
CinematographyRosalío Solano
Release date
  • 27 December 1962 (1962-12-27)
Running time
105 minutes

Plot edit

Desperate due to his son's illness, the peasant Eufemio resorts to stealing a pearl from the statue of Saint Lucía in the village church. The theft is captured by some tourists, and Eufemio finds himself on the brink of being lynched by his enraged neighbors. The pearl vanishes, swallowed by one of the pigs belonging to Chabela, Eufemio's wife. Only the timely intervention of Don Tomás spares Eufemio from his fate, although the precious pearl remains elusive.

Some time later, the pearl mysteriously reappears within Eufemio's home, discovered by his wife. Its loss has profound repercussions on the collective well-being of the townsfolk. Eventually, the pearl is quietly returned without anyone knowing, its restoration whispered to be nothing short of miraculous.

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