Time Bomb (Buckcherry album)

Time Bomb is the second studio album by American rock band Buckcherry. It was produced by John Travis and released on March 27, 2001, by DreamWorks Records. It is the band's first album as a five-piece as guitarist Yogi Lonich joined the band. It is the only album to feature him and is the last album to feature the original lineup, as drummer Devon Glenn and bassist Jonathan Brightman both departed the group after its release. It is also their final release on Dreamworks.

Time Bomb
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 27, 2001
StudioMetalworks Studios in Toronto; mixing in Vancouver
GenreHard rock
ProducerJohn Travis
Buckcherry chronology
Time Bomb
Singles from Time Bomb
  1. "Ridin'"
    Released: 2001
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
Entertainment Weekly(B)[3]
New York(mixed)[4]
Sonicnet(very favorable)[5]
USA Today[6]
Yahoo! Music UK[7]

Release and reception


The album spawned two singles, "Ridin'" and "Slit My Wrists". The lyrics are sleazier and more sordid than on the band's first album, suggesting considerable rock n' roll excess within the band at the time. The bonus track (untitled on the sleeve, but officially called "Open My Eyes") suggests an end to this due to a successful relationship. The CD version of the album is currently out of print as of June 2010, though iTunes and Spotify still feature the album in their libraries.

Track listing

1."Frontside"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:26
2."Ridin'"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:40
3."Time Bomb"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson4:09
4."Porno Star"Josh Todd, Yogi3:20
5."Place in the Sun"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson, Yogi3:07
6."(Segue) Helpless" (listed as "Helpless" in the iTunes store)Josh Todd, Keith Nelson4:50
7."Underneath"Josh Todd, Jonathan Brightman, Yogi2:38
8."Slit My Wrists" (listed as "@*#! My Wrists" on the back cover and in the iTunes store)Josh Todd, Keith Nelson, Yogi4:00
9."Whiskey in the Morning"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson2:29
10."You"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson4:04
11."Slamin'"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson2:58
12."Fall"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:13
13."Open My Eyes" (hidden track)Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:36
Total length:45:22
Japanese edition bonus tracks
13."Good Things"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:00
14."Open My Eyes" (hidden track)Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:36
Total length:48:58
Best Buy Edition bonus tracks
13."Lit Up (live)" (Woodstock 1999)Josh Todd, Keith Nelson5:15
14."Fastback 69 (live)"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:48
15."Good Things"Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:27
16."Open My Eyes" (hidden track)Josh Todd, Keith Nelson3:36
Total length:57:24


  • Josh Todd – vocals
  • Keith Nelson – lead guitar
  • Yogi Lonich – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Jonathan "J.B." Brightman – bass
  • Devon Glenn – drums, percussion

Cover versions


In 2011, grindcore band Anal Cunt covered the song "Whiskey in the Morning" for an EP that has since been deleted from Bandcamp and has been re-uploaded to YouTube. The song was a favorite of Anal Cunt frontman Seth Putnam.[8][9]


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