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Tibati is a town and commune in Djérem, Cameroon. The town and region are reigned by a local monarch, the Lamido. The most notable economic activity in the region is the fishery industry. The fish comes from the lake Mbakaou, a large dammed lake next to Tibati. It is distributed all over Cameroon, mainly to the capital Yaoundé. The town's medical needs are covered by a large missionary hospital in Ngaoubela, approximately 15 km in the north, following N15 / N6 into the direction of Ngaoundal. This hospital is led by an Austrian physicist and supported by several donor organisations in Vorarlberg, Austria and the United States. An exchange of volunteers from Europe and North America is taking place on a regular basis.

Commune and town
Tibati is located in Cameroon
Location in Cameroon
Coordinates: 6°28′N 12°38′E / 6.467°N 12.633°E / 6.467; 12.633
Country Cameroon
RegionAdamawa Region
838 m (2,749 ft)
 • Total26,683
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

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