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Thomasville, Georgia was home to several minor league baseball teams from 1913–1963, most of them in the Georgia–Florida League.

Thomasville Dodgers
(1913–1915, 1935–1941, 1946–1950, 1952–1958, 1962–1963)
Thomasville, Georgia
  • Class A (1963)
  • Class D (1913–1915, 1935–1941, 1946–1950, 1952–1958, 1962)
Minor league affiliations
LeagueGeorgia–Florida League (1935–1941, 1946–1950, 1952–1958, 1962–1963)
Previous leagues
Major league affiliations
Minor league titles
League titles 3 (1941, 1962, 1963)
Team data
Previous names
  • Thomasville Tigers (1962–1963)
  • Thomasville Dodgers (1953–1958)
  • Thomasville Tomcats (1952)
  • Thomasville Tigers (1946–1950)
  • Thomasville Lookouts (1941)
  • Thomasville Tourists (1940)
  • Thomasville Orioles (1935–1939)
  • Thomasville Hornets (1913–1915)
Previous parks
Varnedoe Field



The Thomasville Hornets played from 1913–1915 in the Empire State League, Georgia–Florida League and Florida–Alabama–Georgia League.

Baseball did not return until the Thomasville Orioles arrived in 1935 in the Georgia–Florida League as an affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles of the International League. They became an independent team in 1940 as the Thomasville Tourists and then the Thomasville Lookouts in 1941.

After a shutdown for World War II, the team returned as a Detroit Tigers affiliate called the Thomasville Tigers, which played from 1946–1950.

The Americus Rebels moved to Thomasville for the 1952 season and were renamed as the Thomasville Tomcats.

They became a Brooklyn Dodgers affiliate and changed the team name to the Thomasville Dodgers in 1953. They continued in this manner until the league folded in 1958. The league returned in 1962 and so did the team, back with the Tigers for two more years.

The ballparkEdit

Thomasville teams played at Varnedoe Field.[1] Today, Vandedoe Stadium is the home of Thomas University baseball, located at 103 Varnedoe Road Thomasville, Georgia 31792.[2]

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