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Thomas Allin (1838–1909) was an Anglo-Irish clergyman, a writer on Universalism, also known for botanical research.



He was born at Midleton, County Cork, Ireland. He graduated B.A. at Trinity College, Dublin in 1859, and took orders in the Church of Ireland. After a succession of curacies, he left for England in 1877.[1][2]


  • Race and Religion: Hellenistic Theology: its Place in Christian Thought 1900[3]
  • Universalism Asserted (1905) - J. W. Hanson recounts that this work started when Allin found a copy of Hosea Ballou's history of Universalism in the British Library and was led to a study of patristic literature.
  • rewritten by Mark T Chamberlain, "Every Knee Shall Bow", privately published.

In his activity as naturalist he had Isaac Carroll (1828–1880) as collaborator.[4] His surveys resulted in The Flowering Plants and Ferns of the County Cork (1883)[5]


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