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In taxonomy, the Thermococcaceae are a family of the Thermococcales.[1] Almost all species within the three genera of Thermococcaceae were isolated from hydrothermal vents in the ocean. All are strictly anaerobes.[2]

Scientific classification
Thermococcaceae Zillig et al. 1988



The currently accepted taxonomy is based on the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature[3] and National Center for Biotechnology Information[4] and the phylogeny is based on 16S rRNA-based LTP release 106 by 'The All-Species Living Tree' Project.[5]


P. ferrophilus Takai et al. 2000 (type sp.)

P. helgesonii Amend et al. 2006

?Thermococcus litoralis Neuner et al. 2001

?Thermococcus marinusJolivet et al. 2004

?Thermococcus mexicalisAntoine 1996

?Thermococcus nautilusSoler et al. 2007

?Thermococcus onnurineusBae et al. 2006

?Thermococcus radiotoleransJolivet et al. 2004

?Thermococcus waimanguensisGoetz & Morgan 1999

Thermococcus aegaeus Arab et al. 2000

Thermococcus alcaliphilus Keller et al. 1997

Thermococcus sibiricus Miroshnichenko et al. 2001

Thermococcus aggregans Canganella et al. 1998

Thermococcus barophilus Marteinsson et al. 1999


?P. abyssiErauso et al. 1993

?P. woeseiZillig 1988

?P. yayanosii Birrien et al. 2011

Thermococcus chitonophagus Huber and Stetter 1996

P. glycovorans Barbier et al. 1999

P. furiosus Fiala and Stetter 1986 (type sp.)

P. horikoshii González et al. 1999


T. gorgonarius Miroshnichenko et al. 1998

T. guaymasensis Canganella et al. 1998

T. fumicolans Godfroy and Meunier 1996

T. gammatolerans Jolivet et al. 2003

T. stetteri Miroshnichenko 1990

T. kodakarensis Atomi et al. 2005

T. peptonophilus González et al. 1996

T. profundus Kobayashi and Horikoshi 1995

T. acidaminovorans Dirmeier et al. 2001

T. pacificus Miroshnichenko et al. 1998

T. waiotapuensis González et al. 2001

T. zilligii Ronimus et al. 1999

T. atlanticus Cambon-Bonavita et al. 2004

T. celericrescens Kuwabara et al. 2007

T. siculi Grote et al. 2000

T. coalescens Kuwabara et al. 2005

T. thioreducens Pikuta et al. 2007

T. hydrothermalis Godfroy et al. 1997

T. celer Zillig 1983 (type sp.)

T. barossii Duffaud et al. 2005

♠ Strains found at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) but not listed in the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN).
♦ Type strain lost or not available


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