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The Ultimate Addiction (Chinese: 點金勝手) is a 30-episode Hong Kong television drama that is produced by Chong Wai-kin for TVB. The story centers on a group of individuals working in Hong Kong's financial world and stock market.A costume fitting was held on 21 August 2013 at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio Four at 12:30PM.[1]

The Ultimate Addiction
The Ultimate Addiction official poster
Created byHong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written byPong Mei Feng 彭美鳳
Wong Siu Lung 黃小龍
Cheung Shu Kuk 張雪菊
Chum Kin Wai 譚劍偉
Wong Beng Yee 黃秉怡
Yiu Fuk Hing 邱福慶
Wong Siew Ching 黃秀清
Mok Chee Kai 莫志佳
Yong Zi Kei 容子棋
Choong Ching Lung 鍾正龍
Cheung Hui Hin 張慧賢
Oon Kum Fong 温淦鋒
Kui Yin Hwan 區彦媛
Lee Hui Yee 李慧儀
Directed byYip Chan Hui 葉鎮輝
Leung Kai Yuen 梁棨源
Wong Wai Meng 黃偉明
Hui Rui Ping 許瑞平
Leung Chong Xun 梁崇勳
StarringBosco Wong
Kate Tsui
Nancy Wu
Sharon Chan
Ben Wong
Elena Kong
Toby Leung
MC Jin
Gloria Tang Pui Yee
Opening themeChallenge (考驗) by Fred Cheng
Ending themeTight Game (棋逢敵手) by Hubert Wu & Kate Tsui
Country of originHong Kong
Original language(s)Cantonese
No. of episodes30
Executive producer(s)Tommy Leung
Producer(s)Chong Wai-kin
Production location(s)Hong Kong
Editor(s)Pong Mei Feng 彭美鳳
Ng Lap Guang 伍立光
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)TVB
Original networkTVB Jade, HD Jade
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original release2 June –
11 July 2014
Preceded byNever Dance Alone
Followed byBlack Heart White Soul
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The Ultimate Addiction
Traditional Chinese點金勝手
Simplified Chinese点金胜手
Literal meaning"hand of the golden touch"

After Episode 17, the show was blacklisted by the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, making it another Hong Kong television drama to be censored in Mainland China after When Heaven Burns in 2011.[2]


Development and castingEdit

In late June 2013, TVB announced that the studios were preparing for a new drama that was "tailor-made" for Michael Miu, which he later confirmed.[3] The following week, Bosco Wong and Sharon Chan were confirmed to star. In July 2013, Nancy Wu joined the cast, followed by Kate Tsui, Ben Wong, and Elena Kong.[4]

On August 6, 2013, Miu dropped out due to unforeseen schedule conflicts.[5] His role would not be replaced, and Bosco Wong would be leading from start to finish.[5] On 10 August, Fred Cheng was confirmed to have joined the project,[6] but left the cast in October 2013 due to his involvement in singing competition, Voice of Stars.[7]


Cheuk Yuk (Bosco Wong)is a major figure in the financial industry who has no problems with crossing boundaries and playing dirty tricks for his own benefits. For this, he has long been a target of the Commercial Crime Bureau. Cheuk Yuk is much obsessed in the game of money and power, such that he neglects his family and friends. His wife and master have successively died because of him; however, he still felt no remorse, and instead, his ways have even worsened. Cheuk Yuk's brother-in-law, Chow San Yung (Ben Wong), being a member of the CCB, vows to have Cheuk Yuk prosecuted and brought to justice. His senior Ho Seung Yi (Sharon Chan) and subordinate Chi Nga (Kate Tsui) also work together with him to collect evidence. San Yung, at first, had high hopes for Chi Nga and even views her as his apprentice; however, Chi Nga suddenly resigns from her position as a CCB member and joins Cheuk Yuk's company. She first gains the trust of Cheuk Yuk's second wife, Fong Ming Yu (Nancy Wu) and then assists Cheuk Yuk to battle the female tycoon of the financial industry, Chai Pui Fan (Elena Kong). Eventually, Chi Nga seems to have the entire situation under her control, and even Cheuk Yuk's fiery ambition appears to have been engulfed. In the battlefield of the financial industry, where there is countless bloodshed and slaughtering, who will decide the final victory?

Cast and charactersEdit

The Cheuk FamilyEdit

Cast Role Description
Bosco Wong Cheuk Yuk, Damon
Financial elite
Fong Ming Yu's ex-husband
Cheuk Chi Yin's elder brother
Likes Chi Nga
Chi Nga's love interest
Widower of Chow San Lai
Nancy Wu Fong Ming Yu, Anson
Financial company executive
Cheuk Yuk's ex-wife
Gloria Tang Pui Yee Cheuk Chi Yin, Ginnie
Cheuk Yuk's younger sister
Died in episode 27

The Ho FamilyEdit

Cast Role Description
Sharon Chan Ho Seung Yi,
CCB Inspector, later financial company's employee
Ho Seung Fei & Ho Seung Hing's elder sister
Chow San Yung's fiancee
Died in episode 30
Toby Leung Ho Seung Fei
Police officer
Taekwondo expert
Ho Seung yi's and Ho Seung Hing's younger sister
Stephen Wong Ho Seung Hing
Ho Seung Yi's younger brother
Ho Seung Fei's older brother
Pursues Cheuk Chi Yin
Lily Liew Yung Sau Guen
June Chan Sum Ka Man

Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB)Edit

Cast Role Description
Sharon Chan Ho Seung Yi
CCB Inspector, later financial company's employee commit suicide in episode 30.
Ben Wong Chow San Yung
Cheuk Yuk's good friend
Ho Seung Yi's fiance
Chai Pui Fan's ex-boyfriend
MC Jin Chu Kwok Leung
Police Officer
Toby Leung Ho Seung Fei
Police Officer
Hinson Chou Tsz Yeung So Yat Gaai
Police Officer
Stephen Huynh Leung Yiu Wai
CCB Inspector
Snow Suen Law Oi Na
Police Officer
Eric Chung Tang Ping Kiu
Chief Inspector


Cast Role Description
Kate Tsui Chi Nga, Gia
CCB Inspector, later financial company's employee
Likes Cheuk Yuk
Cheuk Yuk's love interest
Gets close with Cheuk family to avenge her father
Elena Kong Chai Pui Fan, Florence
Chow San Yung's ex-girlfriend
Stock Market Advisory Committee Chairperson
Chai's Commercial Bank Ltd CEO
Oscar Leung Law Chun Kei
Pal Sinn Wong Ching Wah, Ken
Fong Ming Yu's ex-boyfriend
Jack Wu Yuen Seung Him
Chi Nga's childhood friend likes Chi Hga
Jacqueline Wong Chow San Lai
Cheuk Yuk's late wife
Chow San Yung's younger sister
Jazz Lam Wong Ying Biu, Tiger
Financial I.T. Manager
Cheuk Yuk's friend
Timothy Cheng Tse Sing Chui Kam Fat
Share market analyst
Chu Kiu Chim husband
Apple Ha Lo Sei Mui
Chow San Yung and Chow San Lai's Grandmother
Dia Yiu Ming Yip Kai Bun, Ben
Legal consultant
Law Lok Lam Sin Cho Wai
Raymond Chiu Yeung Ho Ming, Stanley
Brian Burrell Suen King Wing, Kingsley
Jeanette Leung Ching Kok Lee Ka Tik, Cindy
Celine Ma Chu Kiu Chim
Chu Kwok Leung's Older sister
Tea Restaurant manager
Married Chui Kam Fat in episode 30
Barry Cox Antonio Cruz Florence's dance teacher
Yeung Chiu Hoi
Lee Chi Sing
Chan Min Leung
Shally Tsang
Leo Tsang
Janey Yan
Geoffrey Wong

Viewership ratingsEdit

Week Episodes Date Average Points Peaking Points
1 01-05 June 2–6, 2014 22 25
2 06-10 June 9–13, 2014 22 23
3 11-15 June 16–20, 2014 22 24
4 16-20 June 23–27, 2014 24 25
5 21-25 June 30-July 4, 2014 22 25
6 26-30 July 7–11, 2014 24 26

International broadcastEdit


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