The Soldiers of Pancho Villa

The Soldiers of Pancho Villa (Spanish: La Cucaracha) is a 1959 Mexican epic historical drama film co-written, produced, and directed by Ismael Rodríguez, inspired by the popular Mexican Revolution corrido "La Cucaracha". It stars María Félix and Dolores del Río in the lead roles, and features Emilio Fernández, Antonio Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, and Pedro Armendáriz in supporting roles.

The Soldiers of Pancho Villa
La Cucaracha movie poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byIsmael Rodríguez
Produced byIsmael Rodríguez
Screenplay byIsmael Rodríguez
José Luis de Celis
Ricardo Garibay
Antonio Méndez
Story byJosé Bolaños Prado
Based on"La Cucaracha"
StarringMaría Félix
Dolores del Río
Music byRaúl Lavista
CinematographyGabriel Figueroa
Edited byFernando Martínez
Películas Rodríguez
Release date
  • November 12, 1959 (1959-11-12) (Mexico)
  • November 1, 1961 (1961-11-01) (United States)
Running time
97 minutes

The film was nominated for a Golden Palm award at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival.[1] It was named the ninety-sixth best film of Mexican cinema by Somos magazine.[2] Filming took place in Zacatecas and in Sierra de Órganos National Park in the town of Sombrerete, Mexico [3]


When the Mexican Revolution was exploding, there was a woman who made history, her name was "La Cucaracha" (María Félix). Her great passion was the Revolution, but her downfall was a man: Colonel Antonio Zeta (Emilio Fernández), who has eyes for another woman, Isabel, the widow (Dolores del Río). The rivalry between both women explodes.



La Cucaracha premiered at the Robles and Ariel theaters in Mexico City on November 12, 1959 for five weeks.[4] It premiered in the United States at New York City's Tivoli Theatre on November 1, 1961.[5]

Critical receptionEdit

Howard Thompson of The New York Times gave La Cucaracha a positive review by writing: "Although the film never rises in stature above its melodramatic plane and romantic embellishments, it is well acted, crisply directed by producer Ismael Rodríguez and graphically photographed by Gabriel Figueroa... Both Señorita Félix, as the amoral spitfire, and Señorita Del Río, as her aristocratic adversary, are persuasively passionate. Señor Fernández, as their manly quarry, is excellent. Even minus real depth, there is much to be said for a melodramatic eye-filler as tough and tangy as this one. Neighbors below, let's have more."[5]


Award Category Name Outcome
Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or Ismael Rodríguez Nominated
Menorah Awards[6] Best Actress María Félix Won
Best Director Ismael Rodríguez Won


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