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The Real News Network (TRNN) is a nonprofit news organization. TRNN was launched in 2007 in Toronto, founded by Paul Jay and Mishuk Munier. The Real News also has offices in Baltimore since 2014.[1]

The Real News Network YouTube.png
CountryUnited States and Canada (main, also studios in other countries)
Broadcast areaGlobal (World Wide Web)
Slogan"The future depends on knowing"
HeadquartersBaltimore, MD and Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(founded by Paul Jay and Mishuk Munier)

The Real News Network uses internet broadcasting, and is also available on Xfinity video on demand[citation needed] and Roku.[2]


Influenced by events such as the 2000 US presidential election, 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, and Hurricane Katrina, Jay felt that there needed to be a news network capable of making complicated concepts accessible to the average person. Jay and crew officially opened shop in Toronto in September 2007.[3] According to a 2007 interview with Jay, The Real News does not accept funding from advertising, governments, or corporation; Jay said that during TRNN's development stage it turned down $50,000 in funding from the Canadian government.[4] The organization is sustained through donations from viewers and foundations, and has a small for-profit segment as well.[5]

Relocation to BaltimoreEdit

TRNN moved to Baltimore in June 2014.[6] Located at 231 N Holliday St., TRNN operates out of the largest sound stage in the city.[7][dead link] After the network's success in Toronto, Jay desired to move TRNN to an American city, one facing social and economic problems endemic to cities across the country.[8] Using video-calling services such as Skype, TRNN's anchors and hosts interview experts from all over the world on various topics of local, national, and international importance.[7][dead link]


On its launch in 2007, the Real News featured experienced professional journalists from across the globe, and employed around forty people.[9] In mid-November 2019, the board announced it was "finalizing the terms of" the departure of co-founders Paul Jay and Sharmini Peries, with openings for Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief.[10][non-primary source needed]

Analysts and journalistsEdit

  • Former CEO and Senior Editor: Paul Jay[11][unreliable source?]
  • Former Chief Broadcast: Mishuk Munier[citation needed]
  • Former Journalist and Executive Producer: Sharmini Peries[11][unreliable source?]
  • Former Producer and presenter: Aaron Maté[citation needed]
  • Executive Director: John Duda[citation needed]
  • Newsroom: Aman Azhar, Lisa Snowden-McCray, Bababtunde Ogunfolaju, Genevieve Montinar, Jacqueline Luqman, Kelly McAdams, Charles Lenchner, Steve Horn, Adam Coley, Andrew Corkery, Rosette Sewali, Will Arenas, Taylor Hebden, Jocelyn Dombroski, Cameron Granadino, Daryl Lewis, Queenie Coulton, James Daley, Dwayne Gladden, Kayla Rivara, Stephen Frank, Jaisal Noor, Taya Graham, Stephen Janis, Eddie Conway, Marc Steiner, Oscar León[citation needed]


The Real News interviews economists, politicians, and policy experts about breaking news.[citation needed] Regular programs include "Reality Asserts Itself," multi-segment interviews on critical issues, and "Rattling the Bars" with host and former Black Panther Eddie Conway.[citation needed] Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, is a regular contributor.[citation needed] For a time, progressive politician and activist Nina Turner hosted The Nina Turner Show.[1][non-primary source needed]


The Real News Network works with the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at University of Massachusetts Amherst to produce interviews and debates.[12][dead link]

The Laura Flanders Show is a content partner.[13]

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